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Co warto wiedzieć przed zakupem nowego mieszkania w Warszawie?

What to know before buying a new apartment in Warsaw?

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What to know before buying a new apartment in Warsaw? Own four angles is something that is associated with financial stability and overall security. No wonder that loans for housing and / or saving savings (also for people just entering adulthood) to buy their own home are extremely popular. But even if we already have sufficient resources, we will have many serious decisions to make. One of them is the choice of the district. Location often affects not only safety, but also everyday comfort of life, expressed, for example, in good transport connections and easy access to various services. In today’s text, we will analyze several districts in the capital and consider where to buy new apartments in Warsaw .

Where will we pay the most for a new apartment in Warsaw?

As you can guess, the highest prices per square meter can be found in Śródmieście – on average, the cost is 1/3 higher than in other districts of Warsaw. The advantages of this location can be multiplied and include, among others proximity to offices, banks, restaurants, cultural facilities, good connection with almost every part of the city and, which is also very important for many people, the opportunity to fully experience and feel the life of the capital – the heartbeat of picturesque tenements and modern skyscrapers. Żoliborz, Mokotów, Wola and Wilanów are also considered exclusive districts (and thus one of the most expensive).

The name of the first district comes from the French Joli Bord and means “beautiful shore”. It is this beauty that is often emphasized by fans of Żoliborz – green squares invite for walks, and the peace and quiet prevailing here will be appreciated by anyone who has enough of the hustle and bustle of the center, but who, at the same time, depends on good access to the city center. Wilanów, in turn, is often appreciated in the rankings for safety, harmonious buildings, good communication and a well-developed gastronomic and cultural offer. We will also pay a lot for a square meter in Wola and Mokotów; especially the second district enjoys a good reputation among Warsaw residents and is considered a location of high prestige. Many people, who do not have enough capital to buy a new apartment in Warsaw in more expensive districts, choose apartments located more distant from the Center.

New apartments Warsaw – where will we pay the least for a square meter?

The districts where apartments are the cheapest are Targówek, Białołęka, Wawer, Rembertów and Wesoła. Especially in Białołęka and Targówek, there is no shortage of cheaper apartments – the modern developer offers a lot of options also available to people who do not have very large capital. For this reason, these locations are often chosen by young adults looking for the first apartment, for which communication is not a problem. Such new apartments in Warsaw are tempting not only with the price – thanks to the new metro line, access to more distant regions of the capital becomes much easier. Wawer, in turn, is the largest Warsaw district with great potential. Developers looked favorably at her after 2012 (it was then that a huge collector was built that solved the problem of the lack of sewage system in these areas). Also in these remote locations, the standard has the greatest impact on the price of a particular apartment, the distance from the subway, and even how high the apartment is – those located on the ground floor are in many cases cheaper than apartments on the top floors (this affects not only the view, but also the level of sunlight).

How to choose a good developer?

New apartment Warsaw ? If we have already decided on the location, it is time to choose a developer. We often devote all our life savings to buying a flat. It is worth conducting a thorough research before we decide on a specific company. First of all, it is good to know that we have the right to become acquainted with the capital of a given company, its possible arrears and claims. Just try to get a copy from the National Court Register. A reliable developer should provide us with a development plan for a given space at our request. When choosing a company, it’s also worth checking out any rebate programs that will help us equip and finish the apartment for a lower price. Regardless of which developer you decide on, be sure to check the content of the development act. Thanks to this, we will gain knowledge about the extent to which we are protected by law and learn how the investment is financed and what exactly is happening with our money.

Buying a new apartment in Warsaw is associated not only with a number of formalities, but also with your own researcher. It includes location, price comparison and selection of the developer. However, we should start by clearly defining our needs and adjusting them to the budget we have. Such prioritization and confronting them with our financial capabilities will definitely help us make further decisions and save unnecessary stress.

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