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Czarny okap kominowy - TEKA DVT 650 40483510

Black chimney hood – TEKA DVT 650 40483510

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TEKA DVT 650 is a black chimney hood 40483510 is a combination of stainless steel and black glass, designed for the kitchen. The twin-turbine engine runs at 3 speeds, with a circumferential suction system. Control is via a touch panel with a display. This material has excellent thermal insulation properties, is non-flammable and durable. The insulation is made of natural ingredients and does not emit harmful substances when heated. This model of the chimney hood is distinguished by high thrust due to an innovative absorption system. With such a device in your kitchen, you will not have to worry about unpleasant aromas or annoying noise. The design of the Teka DVT 650 hood perfectly harmonizes with other kitchen equipment, creating a pleasant atmosphere.

Black chimney hood – TEKA DVT 650 40483510

The German concern Teka provides the widest range of built-in household appliances, using innovative solutions and technologies at flexible prices. All presented products have company certificates and the necessary licenses. Only high-quality materials with hygienic, abrasion-resistant and anti-corrosive properties are used for the production of devices to increase the service life and ensure safety during use.

The high-quality Teka DVT 650 chimney hood is easy to use and has a number of important and needed functions. During use, you can see signs of clogging the filter and you can react quickly and replace it. The set includes a twelve-layer aluminum filter. Important! With regular use of the Teka DVT 650 hood, the furniture does not develop greasy deposits, which are always difficult to clean.

Key benefits of using the Teka DVT 650 chimney hood:

    • Timer
    • Glass panel
    • Touch controls

Decorative cooker hood Teka DVT 650 W, 60 cm wide, made of high-strength material. The hood material has the highest strength that only stainless steel can provide. It is equipped with the function of peripheral convection, which means that the hood will cover the entire surface of the room, not just the area of ​​its direct setting. The chimney hood is equipped with a very high-quality drive system, thanks to which ventilation can be used in a very wide range of power. The model works in 3-speed modes, in the operating mode: absorber, extractor with effective LED lighting (2 x 3 W). It is a perfect device that meets modern requirements, adapted to the kitchen equipment.

Characteristics of a black chimney hood – TEKA DVT 650 40483510

The TEKA DVT 650 cooker hood is a modern kitchen appliance that is not only a source of long-lasting ventilation, but also a stylish element of kitchen equipment. Its powerful engine guarantees high-quality operation of the device at all times. The chimney hood works in cleaning mode by discharging polluted air directly into the ventilation shaft and active cleaning mode through special filters. The kitchen appliance is equipped with 12-layer metal filters that effectively absorb grease (98%). And this guarantees the cleanliness of the hood around the clock. Important! The filters can be cleaned in the dishwasher.

It is also possible to use a special function – intensive cleaning, which will come in handy when cleaning the air of unpleasant, sharp odors. The installed metal filters will prevent grease droplets and other deposits from the hob from settling on important indoor devices. The hood generates a capacity of approx. 380 m3 / hour. At the same time, the technologies used to reduce the noise level will allow you to cook in a pleasant atmosphere. And the noise level indicator barely reaches 64 dB. The Teka DVT 650 chimney hood is very popular due to the applied technological solutions and attractive design.

What do you need to know about the TEKA DVT 650 chimney hood?

The black TEKA DVT 650 decorative hood is an elite device that can handle air convection of the desired capacity. The model has received a very elegant workmanship, which can successfully become the highlight of the kitchen interior. The equipment is based on modern electronics, the body of the hood is equipped with a touch screen, thanks to which the ventilation of your kitchen will be organized as effectively as possible. The kitchen appliance has energy efficiency class D. The control panel is a touchscreen with a character display.

The TEKA DVT 650 kitchen chimney hood is an extremely practical kitchen appliance, because the manufacturer has introduced three speed modes, which allows you to remove any rising fumes from cooking food from the kitchen and clean the air of unpleasant odors. And the technique provides an intensive convection mode. The model is equipped with a very reliable and durable drive system. However, the function of the filter is performed by reusable filtering elements, which are made of metal (it is enough to clean them of grease with smoke in the dishwasher and the filter can be further used).

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