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Do you want to stand out? Dress in Liu Jo!

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Everyone who loves fashion knows Liu Jo. It is a brand that needs no introduction, which has won the hearts of women around the world and is constantly gaining new fans. Is it worth having clothes of this brand? Where to buy them to save? Which projects are particularly valuable? We invite you to familiarize yourself with one of the world’s best premium brands, which is valued by women around the world.

Liu Jo – the beginnings of creating global trends

The brand was born in Italy in 1995 in Carpi – a place famous for its textile production. It was founded by Marco Marchi and his brother Vannis, whose idea and passion turned out to be crucial when promoting the brand on the Italian and foreign markets. The brand’s products are intended to be exclusive and fit self-confident women who want to attract attention. The brand woman is dynamic and sensual, does not hide under many layers of material and is not afraid of colors. When dressing in clothes of this brand, you must be aware that you will not cross the street unnoticed.

Liu Jo and her world-famous handbags

Liu Jo designs handbags that combine a lot: refined details, precise sewing, excellent material and design that can’t be overlooked. Combining a rich Italian tradition with a passion for detail, the brand’s designers are able to create small masterpieces that conquer the hearts of stylish women around the world. The highest quality and design that is absolutely unique costs, but by purchasing a handbag we are sure that it is one of a kind and very durable. Liu Jo designs both small, delicate clutches studded with precious stones that will be a hit at every major gala you visit, as well as larger bags that will work in everyday stylizations. The company’s spring designs please the eye with pastel shades, delicate decorations and great skin. They match spring styles, i.e. airy dresses, bright clothes and linen pants. Wicker designs that match summer styles are also suitable for spring. Light, handy and girls’ wicker bags will not go out of fashion for many seasons to come. If you prefer a more avant-garde style, you can choose something from the autumn-winter collections, which are usually dominated by more pronounced designs and colors. It is the autumn collections that focus on strong accents, black skin, and often even studs that emphasize the style of styling. It is worth having such an accessory in your wardrobe – contrary to appearances, it can even match romantic, lace dresses.

Liu jo every day. What is your choice?

Whether you love dresses, shoes or like jeans, Liu Jo will surely fit your tastes. For lovers of feminine style we will find here a lot of girlish stylizations. Liu Jo dresses are sewn from the highest class materials, so there is no fear that we will find a synthetic fabric. Natural, ethereal fabrics will look great on almost any figure – both on a slim and tall woman, as well as on ladies with curves. If you are just starting the adventure with premium fashion, then choose those models that will certainly stay in your wardrobe for longer: a small black or flared, classic dress for the beach. Women who have a sense of style and are able to combine an outfit with appropriate accessories can choose more avant-garde and bold designs.

Liu Jo jeans – timeless and comfortable

Liu Jo as one of the first brands gave its customers the opportunity to personalize their clothes from the denim collection. In 2018, stylists from Italy came to Poland to personally contribute to embellishing the clothes of the brand’s clients. No wonder: the company is very proud of its denim designs that are at the highest level of tailoring and design. Do you prefer casual style? LiuJo jeans are pants that adapt to almost any figure, emphasizing feminine shapes. Choose a classic shirt or t-shirt from the best cotton and a LiuJo jacket to complete your stylization. The company offers its clients unique, unique designs that are not boring, repetitive denim. In addition to jeans, in the brand store you can buy real denim dresses that have been in vogue for many years and nothing indicates a change in this trend. Wardrobe items that can be matched to well-designed jeans clothes include high boho style wedges, elegant pumps and heavy boots. In autumn, wear them with Lui Jo coats, which are defended primarily by the timeless style and intricate finish. Such a set will be in line with current trends and allow you to feel really fashionable.

When putting on items from Liu Jo, you must remember that this is premium fashion from the top shelf. The clothes that the brand offers its customers can serve you for many years, but on your part it also requires a minimum amount of work. First of all, make sure that the clothes are properly stored and washed. By using the information on the label, you will certainly give your clothes a chance for a long life.

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