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Koronka a sukienka – to idealne połączenie!

Lace and a dress is a perfect combination!

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Lace and a dress is a perfect combination! Lace is a symbol of femininity, confidence, but also delicacy. No wonder she is so eagerly chosen for the dresses accompanying the great exits. The clothing market offers many styles and colors that only need to be adjusted to your own figure and occasion. The key to a perfect creation is matching all the details. It is worth noting that every year you can find new versions of dresses made of lace.

Why is it worth buying a lace dress?

It would seem that lace dresses are reserved only for teenagers and young women, but the lace dress can be an exclusive dress. However, this is wrong thinking, so mature women will also look good in such a dress. Such a creation can be made entirely of lace, or with inserts from this material – thanks to this, you can hide many shortcomings of the figure, but also highlight selected strengths. This is the first reason why lace is for every woman. The second reason why you should buy and dress such a dress is the timeless cuts and colors. It is also a perfect choice for a summer dress, but also for going to cocktail parties, evening meetings, family events and wedding parties. Another plus of such dresses are often universal models that can be dressed for many occasions – only changing the main accessories.

The type of female figure affects the style of the dress

Apple is one of the most common types of female figure, which is characterized by abundant breasts. It’s also quite broad shoulders, slim legs and very slightly marked waist. For a woman of apple type, a bauble dress is recommended. It is a very universal cut of the dress that can hide many shortcomings of the figure such as: no waistline, obesity around the belly, flat buttocks, but also pregnancy belly. Lace dresses such as baubles are a unique hit of recent seasons, which will most likely also be present in the upcoming season and a few more. It is also worth choosing the right lingerie to make the dress even more attractive. An additional advantage of such a dress is the guaranteed slimming of the legs, which can be enhanced by the combination of baubles and heels – a great brick effect. High heels and a high heel are recommended for larger exits, as it nicely slims the legs and figure.

Another equally common body type is pear and hourglass. Both slightly differ from each other, and are characterized by not very abundant breasts, strong waistline, protruding buttocks, nicely outlined hips and small arms. Pear and hourglass are considered the most feminine silhouettes. Such a figure looks very well dresses made entirely of lace, as well as with inserts from it. A woman with this type of figure can wear any lace dress , but should pay attention to the color and shade of the chosen outfit.

An equally common type is also the boy’s silhouette called the tube. A woman with this type of figure has very narrow shoulders, equally narrow hips and very fine breasts. For a lace dress, it’s a perfect body build. A woman can dress both a simple cut and a more ornate dress. The dress with lace material inserts is perfect in this case, because it can optically enlarge the bust and give it roundness in the expected place. Thanks to this, a boyish woman will gain a waistline.

Occasions and styles in which a dress made of lace will work

Most often, dresses made partly or entirely from lace are chosen for wedding receptions. It is a graceful, non-dripping and feminine material, which is why wedding guests are happy to choose lace dresses. Equally often, this material is chosen by brides who dress in a chosen and tailored creation for the wedding ceremony and reception. It is also a creation that will be great for going out with friends and a date. Lace-like material, especially cotton, is a good base for a summer dress. The selected texture makes this creation airy, light and extremely comfortable on warm days.

Choosing a dress made of lace is worth focusing on a modest stylization, because it is very stylish in itself. If you do not want to look kitschy and hilarious, you are often advised to choose subdued, uniform additions. This applies to footwear, bags, jewelry as well as decorations and finishes of the selected dress. Among the recommended colors for haberdashery are beige, black, blue, red and their shades. You should also pay attention to the right makeup and hairstyle, as they complement each creation. Too exaggerated, colorful and strong makeup will not work when choosing this type of dress as a complement to the whole. It is suggested to put on a natural look with slightly emphasized eyes. Therefore, choosing an uncomplicated make-up for a lace dress will be the perfect move. In the case of jewelry, the principle is similar to when choosing haberdashery, hairstyle and makeup. A good move is to choose a jewelry made of silver or gold, which avoids unnecessary decorations and too many precious stones.

What shoes for lace dress?

Lace dresses are a great proposition for a woman who wants to be attractive. Choose the right shoes for the dress. And will colorful socks match? Shoes for lace dresses should be delicate and preferably with high heels. How big it depends only on us.

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