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Insurance for companies

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Insurance companies address a completely different offer to entrepreneurs than to ordinary customers. In the case of typical insurance, you can refer to statistics and choose and evaluate an offer based on them. It is harder for companies. Every business activity is different, so the business offer must be tailored and insurance for companies must be tailored to the needs of the business.

Other dangers await us during the holidays, and entrepreneurs struggle with others. Companies employ employees who can cause harm, but they can also be hurt. Many entrepreneurs, especially those running micro and small enterprises, still do not protect themselves from dangers.

Among entrepreneurs there are groups distinguished, on which regulations impose an obligation to take out liability insurance. This is especially true for representatives of such professions, whose mistakes or shortcomings can seriously affect the health and interests of their clients. These include, first and foremost, private practitioners in need of insurance and physician insurance. Depending on the specialization, the minimum sum insured is between € 25,000 and up to € 100,000. Apart from doctors, some lawyers have a similar obligation. They are lawyers, legal advisers and notaries. Tax advisors and accountants (external accounting offices) are in a similar situation. Real estate agents , construction engineers and architects must also insure themselves. A certain curiosity in this list may be – at first glance – tourist offices . In addition to the entrepreneurs specified in the regulations, compulsory insurance must be bought by companies with vehicles . However, it is not only about transport companies, but about all those who have, for example, company cars.

When conducting business, we must make various decisions on a daily basis. Each of them is associated with a greater or smaller risk of adverse effects. Active entrepreneurs, just as hardly anyone, are also threatened by simple mistakes or errors. Events beyond our control may also affect the success of our activities. Remember that you can manage risk. They specialize in this, among others insurance companies. What is the probability of a given event? How much impact will it have on our business? And what measures should you take to avoid it or minimize its effects? One way to do that is insurance. It gives you the opportunity to transfer risk to someone else, in this case the insurance company. We don’t always have to face the consequences of unforeseen accidents. It is worth analyzing the situation of our company and decide what risk we want to take on and what better to burden the external entity.

What insurance can we find on the market and what is worth insuring against? The basis is civil liability insurance. Not only entrepreneurs obliged to do so by law can and should use it. Specialists from the insurance industry indicate that customers are increasingly claiming damages and their amounts are constantly increasing. It is worth protecting yourself against unforeseen situations and focus on doing business.

Especially for doctors, the market offers accident insurance against HIV or hepatitis. This is especially important for specialists performing invasive procedures. Additional legal protection may be useful. In the event of a conflict with a subcontractor or a client, you may need to seek professional legal advice or defense by a lawyer. It is better to have someone checked at your disposal than to look for a specialist on your own – especially in such stressful circumstances.

Sometimes the damage caused by us causes the inability to earn. Equipment that we earn may break down. It also happens that a sudden illness prevents further activity, at least for some time. Then the right policy can be invaluable support. It is possible to insure yourself in the event of loss of the opportunity to practice.

Property insurance against burglary and theft or random events seems to be obvious. Fires or flooding do not happen so often, but their effects can be deplorable. Office renovation or repair of damaged or replacement of damaged equipment will cost a lot.

Choosing insurance for our company is not easy. To choose wisely, we should primarily consider the type of business. The insurance for the doctor and the lawyer will be different. Let’s also look at the insurer’s financial condition. It is worth treating it like any other contractor. Let’s check if it is reliable and has a strong market position. Another, no less important issue are the provisions in the contract. What is the scope of insurance? What exclusions have been applied? It is important how much the insurance covers and how much we spend on premiums. You may want to consider insurance with your own participation. An insurance agent, in addition to presenting an offer to us, may also play another role – risk advisor. Equipped with the right knowledge, it will help you learn about the dangers our business faces. Later, he will help us find appropriate ways to minimize the risk.

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