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Organizacja konferencji

Conference Organization

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The organization of conferences is a complicated path full of pitfalls and surprises. Without proper knowledge and knowledge, it is difficult to predict what might happen during this process. Before you start organizing such a large undertaking, check what steps to take and what may surprise you when preparing a large event.

Organization of conferences – how to go about it?

For many people, the organization of any event seems simple. Getting a budget, organizing catering, inviting guests – what’s difficult? However, it turns out that even the best event organizers may have a problem creating a serious event without mishaps or unforeseen events. So if this is your first conference, then a specialist agency dealing with this type of projects on a daily basis will help you in your endeavor. Are you brave and want to try to organize yourself? See what awaits you and how to prepare for work.

Organization of conferences – take care of your budget

There is no planning without a budget. Before you start dreaming about a big event and the most sophisticated snacks, evaluate your financial possibilities. The amount of budget you have available will affect your overall performance. It depends on money whether the conference will be limited to a series of lectures and coffee for participants, or whether you will be able to organize an event that will be remembered by everyone. A large budget will allow you to to organize a concert, better menu, purchase better quality conference materials. It will also allow the invitation of more guests who will be able to participate in the event.

Only after obtaining the final answer, how much exactly can you spend on organizing the event, start planning. You must take into account the promotion of the conference, catering for participants, their possible accommodation, technical support of the event and any additional attractions.

Having trouble closing your budget? Start with key issues, without which the conference will not take place, and only after closing them focus on additions that will make it more attractive.

Promote the conference among your clients

Do you have a budget? Now it’s time to determine how many guests and speakers you intend to have. The preparation of the event is associated with its continuous promotion. The best channel is social media, which nowadays surpasses any other media. Also create a conference website where the registration form and all necessary information should be available that may interest participants. As conferences are usually prestigious events, it is worth ensuring its publicity in the media. By obtaining media patrons, you are guaranteed that the whole city will hear about your event. Do not count on the help of journalists – prepare your own press materials that fully reflect the idea behind the organized conference.

Catering for the conference

Catering can be one of the things participants will judge about the rank of your congress. So it’s best to find a catering company that is proven, has good reviews and serves aesthetic, tasty meals. Food should be served according to the interval between lectures. When ordering meals, consider the need for food and drinks during breaks during classes. Include vegetarian and meat options and try to provide a good place to serve meals during breaks – they not only serve to feed, but also to establish relationships. Remember about service, especially if the conference is large and prestigious.

Accommodation of conference participants

When organizing a meeting for guests from different parts of Poland and the world, you must remember to organize suitable accommodation for them. Take into account the prices of hotels and the tastes of your guests. Consider places that won’t spoil the good congressional experience. The best idea is to visit individual points yourself, check if they fit the imagined standard and ask the service staff for details related to your stay.

Technical service of the conference and its place

The organization of conferences cannot take place without professional equipment and people who know it. You cannot allow a failure during an important speaker. It is safest to hire specialists who have extensive knowledge and experience when performing duties during the conference. They will have their finger on the pulse during their speeches, will not allow the projector or microphone to fail, and will also protect all equipment after a series of lectures.

The place where we want to organize the event is also important. The perfect hall in a prestigious part of the city may be above your budget, and a small conference room in the office building will not meet the expectations of your guests. Before you choose any place, carefully analyze its potential and check how close it is to your guests’ hotels.

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