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Czym pielęgnować skórę małego dziecka, a czego unikać?

What to care for the skin of a young child, and what to avoid?

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What to care for the skin of a young child, and what to avoid? Are you expecting a baby? Then you are certainly very happy and you can not wait until finally a new member of the family appears. For a parent, baby is a great pride and happiness. However, when it is born, it is tiny, defenseless and delicate. It requires the care of parents who will take care of him, feed him, dress them up and cuddle him. It would seem that caring for such a baby is a simple matter, because they are only sleeping, sleeping, requiring changing clothes and that’s all. Meanwhile, it looks completely different.

A small child is also a lot of stress and questions like “what’s going to get cold?” “How often should I drip it?”, “What if he cries and I can’t hear?” And many other unknowns. Sometimes children also develop skin allergies that are difficult to treat, rashes or other skin ailments. The question that comes to mind is: where do they come from, if the child only drinks mother’s milk. The first thing to look at then is the diet of a nursing mother. We must remember that if we eat food that is processed, unhealthy, low in fruit and vegetables, the milk will be of poor quality. If the baby’s mother eats healthily, then the reasons should be sought in baby’s cosmetics or washing powder for toddler’s clothes.

Ecological washing powder

In standard washing powders there are many chemicals that are harmful not only to the environment, but also to the health of our body. Very often, people who have delicate skin prone to irritation, washing powders cause allergic reactions, rashes, blisters and many other ailments. If these are the effects of using chemical powders on adults, then think about what they are like with very delicate baby skin. That is why it is worth investing in a more expensive, albeit natural powder, preferably from bio shelves. Another option is to buy a natural soap with a good composition – remember that gray soap, contrary to opinions, does not have a good composition, so it will not be suitable. It is better to look for organic soaps that consist only of essential ingredients such as oils and lye.

If you do not have the head to read the composition, check which soap is suitable and which is not, then you can bet on home-made methods and taken straight from mother nature. All you need is a few washing nuts thrown into the bag. We put them in the washing machine together with the laundry. The Polish equivalent of washing nuts is the popular chestnut fruit. This one also has washing properties. Of the plants that are rich in saponins, we can also distinguish a medical soap dish, which will also perfectly wash children’s clothes. Best of all, these types of natural powders do not irritate, are hypoallergenic and odorless.

What do children’s cosmetics contain?

Very important for the baby’s skin is what it is treated with. Remember that buying cosmetics for the baby in supermarkets in the children’s department is a bad idea. Usually we will find competitive brands advertised everywhere, which unfortunately have nothing good to offer our child’s skin. What can we find in such cosmetics?

      • First of all, paraffin \ mineral oils \ petroleum jelly and other petroleum derivatives. These are substances that do not provide any nutrients to the skin, clog the pores and prevent the skin from breathing, which leads to subsequent drying, because they form a layer impermeable to positive substances.
      • SLSs, SLESs and their derivatives are another dangerous substance. These are strongly washing detergents that strip the skin of all fats and a protective layer. They irritate and dry the skin, and in extreme cases can even cause baldness.
      • In the next place we can put synthetic preservatives, or parabens. Their great disadvantage is “pretending” estrogens, which in the future may affect hormonal problems
      • Another point is PEG or PPG emulsifiers that have carcinogenic effects.
      • Also synthetic fragrances, often hidden under the word parfum or fragrance, are dangerous to the skin. They can cause irritation and sensitization.

Where to get cosmetics for the youngest?

Since cosmetics available in supermarkets are full of chemistry that is harmful to the skin, where do you get the things necessary for the toddler from? It’s best to stock up on herbal and organic stores or look for cosmetics with good ingredients online. We will certainly find something on the forums about the selected cosmetic and about the safety of its composition. And if you want to be sure what goes to your child’s bloodstream, you can opt out of commercial cosmetics and use natural oils for your baby’s skin care. Perfect for here: sweet almond oil, linseed, grape seed, raspberry seed, argan, shea butter and many more. The choice is huge. It is only worth remembering to choose unrefined and cold pressed oils.

For baby baths, you can bet on products with bio \ eco certificates or prepare a bath yourself without the addition of liquids. The newborn and the toddler do not need particularly strong detergents to wash later. Just add your milk or starch to the water. To wash your baby’s delicate skin is definitely enough.

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