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Drzwi wejściowe wizytówką domu

The entrance door is the showcase of the house

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The entrance door is the undisputed showcase of our home. They often have fancy shapes, various decorations and additional elements that determine how the house will look and what style it will have. When deciding to order a door, we need to think about a few things: among other things, we have to decide whether we choose ordinary external doors or security doors . The entrance door has several functions. First of all, they are a showcase of the house. Secondly, they have a protective function against thieves. They shield the entrance to our house from wind and rain.

Comfort above all

Doors may have larger shapes and dimensions compared to doors inside the building, or they may be double-leaf. And which door should we choose when choosing the most convenient for us? The question we should ask ourselves at the beginning is: will it be the door in the house or will it be the door in the apartment? What degree of security satisfies us? Will people with disabilities pass through the door ? (This type of door must be wider, especially if the person is in a wheelchair).

Important information about the construction of the door

The basic elements that should have an entrance door are: resistance to temperature changes (due to the fact that the houses are exposed to e.g. snow, rain or frost, they must have additional coatings to be durable). Their proper preparation also includes protection against solar radiation: they will be properly protected for the same color for years and will not fade. What is important: the door must be tight. And for their sealing we can use additional peripheral gaskets made of synthetic rubber or silicone or other plastics. The entrance door is multi-layered, thanks to which they are properly insulated. Insulation makes them much thicker than the internal ones. Good front doors are sound-absorbing: we don’t want our neighbors to hear all our conversations, right?

Security door : additional security

In the case when we install security doors in an apartment, let’s make sure that their reinforced structure meets our requirements. Security doors have additional elements that protect them against breaking and breaking into the apartment or house. They have special locks that are additionally reinforced with so-called anti-theft bolts (thanks to which the door cannot be lifted or removed from the hinges). The hinges themselves are reinforced so that they cannot be destroyed. Although security doors at first glance look like ordinary, wooden, inside they have additional layers of steel sheet.

What should be remembered when installing security doors ? They are already safe in themselves, so using more than two door locks can weaken their construction and, paradoxically, accelerate and facilitate balancing and burglary.

Door trends – what to choose not to overdo it?

By saying trends, we will distinguish exterior doors from front doors . Most often, the entrance door is the showcase of the house, they are the most impressive, and the external door , which e.g. leads to the terrace, does not have to look the same as the entrance door . So what colors and materials to choose for external doors to emphasize the beauty of the building ?. Everything really depends on the owners of their style.

If the replacement of the door is combined with the renovation of the facade, we can decide on drastic changes. However, as soon as we decide to replace the door, we need to adapt it to the appearance of the house Using a few tricks, we can make the first impression that guests will have after coming to our house will be very positive. What is worth remembering: we should not disturb the unusual door with the aesthetic concept of the whole house. If we do not have an idea for an unusual finish, the safe solution will be the use of simple, wooden doors, full and without unnecessary decorations. They are classic and timeless. If it is a house that has a symmetrical shape, then the classic door will match it perfectly. We can also opt for the asymmetrical ones, with additional decorations, or the so-called skylight (i.e. a sheet of glass above the door, letting the light into the lobby).

The entrance door is a beautiful decoration of our interiors

Simple, whether with decorations, ordinary or anti-burglar, the entrance door is an undoubted showcase of the house. Properly selected will make the first impression of guests after coming to our beloved four corners can definitely work in our favor. Therefore, if we decide to renovate or replace them, it is worth thoroughly thinking about the pattern or shape that we want to apply. In the event that we need additional protection, we can decide to buy security doors . However, we must remember that too much is unhealthy and too much security, paradoxically, can reduce durability and security, and lead to burglary. What, of course, we do not wish anyone.

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