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Użycie drewna do budowy i wystroju domów

The use of wood for construction and decor of houses

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The use of wood for construction and decor of houses. Laminated wooden materials are becoming more and more popular among construction experts. They use all the amazing properties of wood. In addition, they have several improvements for greater efficiency.

The most important advantages

Strong, reliable and durable – these are the three most important elements of structural and laminated wood. The process of creating the highest quality wood that can be used in windows, doors or staircases has been used for many years. However, it is only in the last few years that large European carpentry companies have invested in the highest quality equipment for the production of wooden elements.

From the 1980s to the early 20th century, PVC was the most-used material for windows and doors. Unfortunately, it is harmful to the environment due to its toxic chemicals and inability to recycle. Usually it lasts up to 30 years, in turn wood up to 60. Fortunately, trends change and wood is increasingly used for the production of windows, doors and stairs. It is the perfect combination of elegance, maturity and beauty. In addition, this type of material allows you to create wooden profiles tailored to your project. This makes the process highly efficient.

Why are wooden windows so popular?

Such windows are timeless and very fashionable. They allow you to increase the overall value of your home. PVC windows can be cheaper, but their service life is a maximum of 35 years. Before the cracks appear, they gradually become more brittle and lose their shiny finish. In contrast, wooden windows can withstand up to 100 years. Although initially more expensive than plastic windows, they can last up to 3 times longer. In addition, they are environmentally friendly. They are not so expensive to maintain. The properties of wooden windows allow extreme performance, taking into account tightness, safety, energy rating and u-values ​​(a measure of the effectiveness of a material as an insulator in a building).


Home is a deceptively complicated place. Given the cost-effectiveness, environmental friendliness and versatility, homeowners are increasingly using wood. Regardless of whether we buy furniture or create it from scratch, they are a basic aspect of interior design. From chairs and tables, to cupboards and shelves, furniture is largely a reflection of the owner’s personality. While trends and aesthetics change, wooden furniture is versatile. They will work in any interior. Most often, furniture, wood, metal, textiles and plastics are used. Wood is becoming more and more popular. The versatility of wood means that it goes great with many different styles. For example, the slats can be made of coniferous or hard wood, e.g. pine. They will be great in a rustic interior. They match all natural furniture designs.

Walls and ceilings

Wood can be an ideal material to emphasize a coherent design. It also has a great aesthetic value. We can use both coniferous and hardwood. It all depends on what we want to achieve. It is worth choosing easy-to-process wood with excellent insulating properties. Softwoods, e.g. Norway spruce and Scots pine, are ideal for roofing and timber frame walls. If we anticipate a greater load, we can opt for softwood. Perfect for larger homes, offices and other such properties.


Great attention is paid when designing. Wood is great here. Floors with rug or carpet are still popular, but more and more people are choosing wood. Thanks to this, the value of the house increases. Solid wood floors are extremely aesthetic and offer the best modern style combined with timeless beauty. They are also easy to maintain and complement most design choices. If properly cared for, they can last for many years. We can use many different types of wood for floors, but it is recommended to choose something durable. European or American oak is an excellent choice, as is walnut. Solid and stable hardwood allows you to create wonderful dark and light patterns. At the same time, it is quite resistant to scratches and scratches.


Panels can be external or internal. Wooden panels look very professional. In addition, they are renewable, consume less energy, and carbon retained as a result of tree growth is encapsulated in wood. That is why they are recommended to all ecology lovers. For external panels, we can opt for cedar. It has high resistance to warping and external conditions. However, if we want to choose something stronger, we can buy Siberian larch. It is durable, resistant to mechanical damage and easy to install. When it comes to interiors, we can opt for American white oak. Has good endurance. Dark red meranti is also an excellent option. Has excellent bending properties. Thanks to this, it provides great flexibility in designing. When choosing wood, we have a lot of choice. Let’s consider your taste, budget and material properties.

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