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Bramy garażowe: jaki to może być wariant?

Garage doors: What variant can it be?

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Garage doors: What variant can it be? Garage doors are available in many variants. Door systems ensure the necessary safety of the vehicle and contents in the garage, because they close the garage outside. Garages are not only a must for homeowners, they are also a criterion for renting accommodation. In addition to vehicle protection, a garage also offers attractive insurance benefits.

What are the door options?

Garage doors differ primarily in how they work. Roller blinds, up-and-over doors, sliding gates, swing gates and sectional gates are available. Each gate has a mechanism for opening and closing the gates. Many garage doors can now be operated using the remote control. Additional security devices provide protection against burglary or accidents.

Swing garage door

The most popular garage doors include up-and-over doors. The gates open outwards and upwards. The advantage of a swinging gate is the minimum space required by this gate. From burglars, the gate provides good protection. Additional wicket doors are comfortable and prevent the garage door from opening. However, when opening and closing, keep in mind that the door moves outwards. If people are on the move, accidents may occur. Caution is advised when closing. An additional finger trap prevents users or other people from being trapped.

Swing garage door

Folding doors are a conventional way to lock a garage. The gates consist of one or two wings and are open to the outside. These gates need a lot of space. In the case of an ascending driveway, the gates are not suitable, because then they do not open. In the meantime there are also revolving gates with electric drive.

Sectional garage doors

Sectional doors can be opened upwards or sideways, depending on the version. When opening and closing the door, they do not require additional space, but you should go to the right position. The gate consists of various rectangular parts that are connected to the hinge mechanism. Sectional doors are electrically opened and closed.

Roller shutter garage doors

The roller blind works like a blind. The gate goes to the roller shutter box. Because the roller shutter box requires a lot of space, this garage door is rarely found in private garages. The system is electrically controlled. The advantage of such a door is that you can use the entire garage area.

Sliding garage door

Sliding gates are installed in front of the garage opening. The gate moves on rollers that run to the side rail. The gates are opened manually or electrically. The garage door requires a lot of space on the side. Inside and outside you have plenty of space.

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