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How to buy a house

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How to buy a house. Almost everyone at some point in their lives faces the decision to start living on their own. How many people have so many different ideas and supporters of different solutions. Some buy apartments, others build houses, and others buy houses for sale. As for the last options, it is worth considering this decision carefully. Portals offering houses for sale are flooded with thousands of offers, especially around large cities, because it is known for a long time that many people prefer the peace and quiet of the suburbs to the hustle and bustle.

Where to start?

When deciding to buy a house, you have to be aware that it can be a long and tedious process. After all, people selling their homes built them for their own needs, not our needs. Therefore, you do not have to be discouraged at the beginning, if after a month of searching we do not find anything that will meet our expectations. It is good at the very beginning to specify the area and what we are looking for, to be able to filter the offers of houses for sale, if possible, while watching the ads.

When, after a long period of browsing ads with houses for sale, are we finally able to find a few that may become our mainstay of peace? It is worth remembering to arrange to watch the house in the daytime hours, when we have the opportunity to look at everything thoroughly in daylight, both indoors and in the garden, in the evening you can hide a lot of shortcomings. People who sell homes for sale in Szczecin know well that potential buyers are probably looking for a home in a quiet and friendly area where they can rest after work. Therefore, in no announcement or real estate agent you will learn about road construction plans for the next year running just under the window of the building being sold, or about a neighbor who loves to cut grass at 6:05 every Saturday. It is worth doing a small research before buying a house, finding out what investments are planned for the nearest period in the area.

When we have little insight and we have an appointment to see the house for sale, let’s return to our list of priorities to remember, calmly, what are we able to accept and what not? Once at home, it is worth paying attention to the condition of the walls, whether in any room, especially the basement, there are no visible signs of mold and moisture, or the ceilings do not have yellowish spots in any place, as this may indicate that the house put up for sale has a roof to renovate, and this is another expense depending on the area of ​​the house in the range from 5,000 to 25,000 PLN. The next enemy is moisture, it should be avoided, because it is not only unpleasant in smells, but also has a negative effect on the health of the household. Of course, the most characteristic signs of moisture in the home are mold, but there are a few even less obvious symptoms. Fogged windows and wooden floors rising up. It is also good to pay attention to the condition of the electrical and hydraulic installations.

During the visit, it is also worth asking for bills and invoices for electricity and gas, as well as heating costs. It will more or less estimate the cost of maintaining the house in which we intend to live. After initial examination of the house for sale. It is worth making an appointment for the next meeting, to which we will bring an appraiser and several professionals who will professionally assess the condition of the house. If the seller has nothing against it is a good sign. However, if he begins to create problems and eagerly assert that there is no such need, it is quite possible that he wants to hide something from buyers.

Houses for sale often require refurbishments after purchase in order to adapt them to their needs, but it is worth recalculating the costs of such refurbishment, as it may turn out to be a more profitable investment than building a house from scratch. Before buying, it is worth showing such a house to a builder or architect, they have much more experience and a more vigilant eye and they will help howl nothing professionally the cost of any adjustments or repair work, so that nothing surprises us when we move to their dream home. You can’t forget about the garden, you often have to arrange it again, the help of a specialist can also be invaluable here.

The location of the dream home should allow for quiet movement to work and school, because even the most beautiful area will not compensate for the long hours spent commuting and standing in traffic jams every day. Ideally, access to strategic places that you visit every day are a maximum of twenty kilometers away, which allows you to optimally manage your time.

When buying a house, first of all, do not rush and relieve unnecessary euphoria, it will allow you to soberly assess the situation and choose the best offer tailored to your needs and preferences. After all, it is often a lifetime purchase.

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