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Przeszczep tłuszczu - naturalne odmładzanie w gabinecie


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Today, the treatments offered by aesthetic medicine give us the opportunity to do literally everything we want with our body. We reach for a wide variety of treatments, we choose all possible ways to change, improve or improve something. And how about the possibilities that our own fat gives us? But that fat? But how? It turns out that aesthetic medicine can surprise us in this matter, giving the possibility of modeling the figure using your own fat. Thanks to this option, we can enlarge the buttocks, breasts or other parts of our body, while removing fat from those areas that we want to make them look much more attractive. As it turns out, fat does not have to be as bad as it seemed to us so far. What is unnecessary, however, turns out to be necessary, because we can take advantage of such solutions, thanks to which we will get the figure we want.

Fat woman’s friend, or what aesthetic medicine will tell us here

All her life women complain of excess fat. They constantly cry that they have too much of it, that despite diets and exercise, some sensitive parts of the body remain unchanged, while others in which we would like more curves remain flat and without attractiveness. And what to do with all this? As it turns out, aesthetic medicine and in this topic can work wonders, which is why solutions have been invented, thanks to which fat from these sensitive places can be taken, and then introduced it where we want to get these curves. While in the case of exercise or diet, we are not always able to achieve the effect we want, such treatments already give us such an opportunity. Why such a difference? If we focus on a diet where there is a calorie deficit, it is true that we lose weight, but all over the body. You can’t lose belly fat or legs fat. It loses weight, including the strengths of our body. If we choose such treatments, then we act directly on specific parts of the body.

What is a lipotransfer?

Speaking of aesthetic medicine and the use of fat in places that we want to enlarge, such a procedure is called lipotransfer and is used on the market more often and by an increasing number of women. We don’t want to spend every day in the gym. We don’t waste time on miracle diets and constant restrictions. We want something here and now, without waiting for what we can achieve hard work, but it will only be visible in a while. Aesthetic medicine is for many women a real madness in terms of looking the way we want and without the need to wait for months for the effect. Lipotransfer should be performed by clinics that have professional doctors who have specialist knowledge and experience in this field, so as to provide their clients with what they care about.

Lipotransfer is a method of body modeling using fat transplantation. Fat is taken from a place where there is too much fat. This one is subjected to a special technological treatment in which fat cells are selected. Those of the highest quality, which are additionally enriched with stem cells, are given to given places that we want to enlarge, round or highlight.


What can we change with our own fat?

By using our own fat we can definitely change the appearance of the breast. Thanks to such treatments, our new neckline will not look artificial, but will have a very natural beautiful look. Filling it with fat will definitely become firmer and even better looking. You can also change the appearance of the buttocks, because if they are flat, they can take on a completely new look. What else? Certainly, such a lipotransfer procedure also turns out to be an excellent choice when it comes to aesthetic medicine for our cheeks. As you know, they look different with age. The skin falls, it becomes flaccid, there is no longer this firmness. By choosing the procedure for introducing fat cells, you can enjoy the beautiful look again, taking away your years.

Aesthetic medicine – a solution that everyone can afford

Regardless of whether you are 40 or you are at 50, if something bothers you, you want to change something, fix it or feel more feminine, you have the right to do so. Aesthetic medicine Szczecin can really be for everyone. If we can afford it, good, if we do not have the right amount, we can decide on installments, because more and more clinics offer such services on offer. We have one thing and it depends on us what it will look like. If we care about the perfect appearance, we can do everything we want, even if it comes to the help of an aesthetic medicine doctor who, having knowledge and experience, as well as the right equipment, can turn our biological clock back a few years. Do we want it? If so, we can do anything.

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