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Kolorowa moda zmienia świat!

Colorful fashion is changing the world!

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Colorful fashion is changing the world! If we went back to other eras, we would see a completely different world that looks different and has different laws. It would be a completely different reality, so different from the present one. First of all, the appearance of man has changed, it is a completely different style of dressing and perception of reality. Clothes and stylizations have had different functions for centuries, including the atmosphere of a given time and society, culture and social norms.

And how does it look today? What is fashion for modern people? What does today’s fashion look like? Since chain stores entered the market, large shopping malls have ceased to be unique, individual, and have become a pattern repeated by many people. You no longer have to go to the seamstress and tailor-made, just go to the store and buy something more or less suitable for us, which currently disseminate the given fashion brands is acceptable by social norms.

This does not mean that these days people are less creative, observing fashion blogs, the very fact of the huge popularity of second hand shops, where you can buy something unique, some dress, pants, blouses, shirts and even suits. So there is in people the pursuit of creativity in clothing and image change. Of course, the greatest potential is clearly visible in leading fashion designers, but this is their whole world, their life, sense of existence. For such people, fashion is an art and they create this art. What is presented at fashion shows is really an inspiration for everyday fashion. In the presented costumes one does not go out on the street, for a walk or to work.

Thanks to fashion, you can express yourself

One of the most important features of fashion is the ability to express yourself, your character. This is a universal principle that does not change despite the passage of millennia. Everyone wants to create their own and unique style in which they will feel good, will be themselves. Some choose more classic and elegant suggestions, while others prefer colorful and surprising additions. Although the saying says that it is not a robe that adorns a human being, appearance does matter in many areas of life. First of all, it affects interpersonal and professional relationships. Of course, fashion is a very profitable business for both great designers and smaller factories sewing clothes, for example pants, blouses, dresses, suits, producing colorful socks or tights. Thanks to fashion, using social media, writing blogs, placing photos in a dress, shirt, pants, funny socks, style is created, and own recognition increases.

What does fashion involve?

Fashion is associated with style, aesthetics, beauty, and every man, especially women, wants to look good, attractive, be admired. The right choice of wardrobe that exposes the qualities, and the cover-up flaws makes these dreams come true. Every day we feel perfect, we are more confident, we feel satisfied with life. At that time, we also make easier interpersonal contacts, we are part of a social group, we do not stay aside. There are few things that would be more beneficial to self-confidence than dressing in style. Of course, for a woman to feel fashionable and look stylish, she must be able to choose the outfit to match her figure. Coco Chanel used to say, “If a woman is badly dressed, you’ll notice her dress. If a woman’s dress is perfect, they will only see a woman. “ Therefore, it is worth taking care of a good image, the right outfit can attract people.

How does fashion affect us?

He is able to influence not only his own self-esteem, but also helps in achieving professional and personal success, helps to feel good about himself, presents our approach to life, mood, character traits, is an expression of social position. Our clothing can add energy, attractiveness and courage. In fashion and in our own feelings, he embodies our mood, our thoughts. After all, every woman in a colorful dress, a man in a beautiful suit, an elegant white shirt and extravagant socks will feel happier, happier and more attractive. There is a profession involved in buying clothes, properly selected and tailored to the individual, this is the Personal Shopper, which will help choose the right wardrobe for people who cannot, do not like or simply do not want it. The stylist is a great shopping companion, serving many tips, good taste, knowledge of stores and promotions, so as not to overpay, and be able to buy good quality, fashionable and really needed things.

What does fashion mean to me?

It’s pleasure, passion and a source of inspiration. I can play with it, experiment, draw on the experience of others, satisfy my own sense of aesthetics, and make it usable. I think as Umberto Eco said, “Fashion is one way to prove your identity . Any properly shaped, self-esteem, hard personality can enjoy the benefits of fashion and commercialism, pulling out only the best for themselves, rejecting kitsch and everything that is unnecessary. And how does it look with you? What is fashion for you?

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