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We spend almost half our lives in bed, which is why it is extremely important to ensure the comfort of our sleep. Undoubtedly, one of the most important elements of the bedroom is bedding, which will ensure us a healthy and long sleep. Which bedding should you choose? To make the right choice, read the article below.


what bedding to chooseThe most popular type of bedding in our homes is, of course, the one made of cotton, because the material mentioned is very pleasant for ours, and the bedding  can be very easily kept clean. Cotton is a completely natural and breathable material that works very well both in summer (it doesn’t overheat our body) and in winter (it warms up well).


Another very popular material used in the production of bedding is satin, which on the one hand is shiny, which is the result of using a special weave material. Such bedding, like the cotton one, is breathable and works very well for allergy sufferers, because unlike other materials, it does not accumulate too much mites. Satin looks quite elegant, but it works perfectly in both modern and traditional bedrooms. It is very easy to care for, which is why it is hardly surprising that we are more and more eager to reach for it.


One of the most valued and exclusive materials in the world, for which you should pay a little more than for cotton and satin. Such bedding  is pleasant for our body, very well ventilated, ideal for people suffering from allergies and does not attract dust. Women should be satisfied with this material, because satin cares for the good appearance of our skin, delaying the aging process. It also has a positive effect on our health, because it helps to relax and soothe our troubled nerves. To buy silk bedding, however, it is worth choosing only in the summer, because in winter it does not provide good heating.


Currently, wool bedding found in stores is most often made of Australian merino wool, which of course affects the relatively high cost of its purchase. The mentioned wool is quite a luxurious material, which makes it not as popular as cotton and satin. Why is it worth buying it? Certainly due to the effective thermal insulation during quite cold nights, as well as good ventilation during slightly warmer days. Under it, we will certainly not sweat or leave. Allergy sufferers can use woolen bedding, as they do not attract dust and dust mites. What else is worth knowing about wool? It adapts perfectly to our body temperature, so it’s worth sleeping naked under it.


Flax is mainly associated with summer, because this material very well ventilates our body, is airy and helps our skin breathe. Is linen worth reaching in the winter? Will we not freeze under such material? Of course, you should not be afraid because the linen is quite thick and retains heat very well. It can be included in the group of one of the healthiest materials because it is anti-allergic and anti-static. However, if we decide to buy such bedding, we must be aware that it has a rather specific smell that may not suit everyone. It is also quite susceptible to creasing, which is why you should iron it after washing, which can, however, cause many difficulties. So there is a lot to think about.

Synthetic materials

The last proposal, which of all the above is the cheapest, is synthetic bedding, which can be made, e.g. from polyester. This material has both advantages and disadvantages that should be read before making a purchase decision. Synthetic materials, unfortunately, do not provide good ventilation, which is why we can sweat during sleep, which is obviously not very pleasant and that is not the point when sleeping. Another disadvantage of this material is that it is not very friendly to our skin, because it can lead to the appearance of rashes and itching. However, when it comes to advantages, they include, in particular, drying speed, durability, and no need for ironing. In most stores, you can buy bedding that is either 100% synthetic or contains only an admixture of such material. Therefore, before buying, read the information on the packaging very carefully.

Buying the right bedding is a real challenge for each of us, because everything depends mainly on individual preferences, as well as the wealth of the wallet. Cotton and satin are the most popular, but you should also consider buying wool or silk. On the other hand, when it comes to synthetics, they are quite cheap and are ideal for allergy sufferers, but unfortunately they have several disadvantages that should be considered before buying.

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