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How much does a tailor-made suit cost?

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How much does a tailor-made suit cost? A well-tailored suit is a showcase of every elegant man. It adds confidence, takes years and kilograms, and at the same time gives the stylization an individual look. This is why tailored suits are becoming more and more popular among Polish men. Formerly tailored suits were associated with higher spheres, even higher prices and a luxury that was inaccessible to middle class representatives.

Currently, it ceases to be the domain of only a narrow group of rich people, and more and more Polish men appreciate well-tailored suits that are tailored not only to the figure, but also to individual needs and tastes. Importantly, we are not talking only about wedding suits, but also less formal jackets or shirts. What should you know before choosing your first tailor-made suit? Are the two most popular methods different, i.e. beskope and made to measure? How much does such a suit cost and how long does it take to sew it?

The difference between beskope and MTM

Bespoke and Made to measure (MTM) are the two most common terms used in custom tailoring on a daily basis. They are not always understood by customers of showrooms creating tailored suits. The difference is fundamental and consists in the way of creating such suits. The term beskope means traditionally understood tailor-made sewing, where the suit is made from the beginning to the end by a tailor and the customer’s individual preferences are created – from cut through material to accessories. Bespoke is a much longer process, requires patience, time and money. Before the tailor measures the client, he will want to know his expectations and style. He will help you choose the fabric, lining and cut, and then create a paper template for his silhouette. Based on the template, the tailor cuts the fabric by hand and then sews the individual elements manually. Sewing alone is not everything. The middle of the suit is also important in bespoke tailoring.

Characteristic for bespoke is that patches can be applied throughout the entire sewing process. Ironing is as important as sewing. And not ready-made jacket, but cut parts. A heavy steel tailor iron is used for this. Moistening the fabric with a rag brush, the tailor forms the jacket with his right movements, the back at the height of the shoulder blades and shoulders, the collar, sleeves at the height of the elbow and the back of the trouser leg. Made to measure means a suit tailored to the client’s figure. A tailor who does not personally participate in the process of sewing a suit takes off the measure. There is also no individual form, because customers adjust the ready template or already sewn test suit to their figure. Trying on a test jacket gives the client an idea of ​​what to expect after the fitting work is completed. It is a much shorter and cheaper process than beskope. Usually, one collection of measures is enough for a tailor to create a matching jacket or pants. Made-to-measure suits are mostly machine-made and manual work only involves minor corrections.

How much do tailored suits cost and how much time are sewn?

It is difficult to answer this question unequivocally. Several factors influence the price of tailor-made clothes. First of all, the type of fabric is whether it is sewn on canvas or glued, and above all, where it is sewn. Production in Italy or France is of course much more expensive, but by commissioning such service to Polish designers we can also pay a lot. Therefore, before choosing a salon, it is worth asking a few questions to the tailor, spending more money we expect better quality. Prices in small studios start from PLN 4,000 up, depending on the type of fabric and the reputation of the place. In made to measure, the matter is quite simple.

Prices of suits sewn on canvas in Italy start from around 6,000 PLN. The price is always influenced by the type of fabric and the type of finish. How long will we wait for such a suit? In the case of beskope suits it can take up to 4 months, the made to measure sewing process is much shorter and usually closes within 6-7 weeks. The fact that in the case of made to measure our participation is limited to one visit to the salon is also of great importance here. When choosing beskope we must regularly put on additional fittings.


First of all, it is worth realizing that a tailored suit is simply worth having in the closet. For a long time, this is not a sign of snobbery or expensive fad, but a widely available option of product customization. Awareness of Polish men regarding the importance of their appearance in professional and personal life is definitely growing. Hence, more interest in tailor-made sewing. Even when choosing a classic navy blue fabric, a tailor-made suit will perfectly complement a particular person, highlighting his personality traits. A well-tailored suit highlights the strengths of the figure by hiding its imperfections. It is worth investing in interesting suit socks. Colorful socks can give an interesting effect and give us confidence. Because it has long been known that a well-dressed man feels more confident in his own skin.

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