Office move – Wrocław. How to start?

In large cities, moving offices can be a problem. The company’s headquarters are often a huge base, an archive full of important documents, and employee positions. Transferring this is a difficult task, so it is worth planning and organizing it thoroughly – thanks to such proceedings we will be sure that everything will be done up to the last button. Otherwise, you should plan to transfer a company of several people, and differently, a business with several dozen employees. Above all, the comfort of the people we employ is important. It may be a moment when their work will be difficult. Breaking out of the daily rhythm, forcing people to change locations and moving their belongings can be frustrating for many employees. It is good to prepare the team for changes that will take place soon and listen to their opinions on the new location of the company.

Set a deadline for moving the office

The office must be relocated well in advance. It allows organizing work, completing business formalities before a set date, getting rid of unnecessary equipment or documents, and developing a plan. After establishing the plan, it is our responsibility to inform employees about the change of the company’s headquarters. It’s best to take care of it 2-3 months before the planned move.

It happens that employees in connection with moving are forced to travel longer to work. Let’s think about it before we put them before a fait accompli. They are choosing a new place, let’s also think about whether it is too far from the original one – in the event of a long distance, we may lose some employees who will not be able to travel or it will not be in their interest.

List of items is a must

The assortment that you must transport should be carefully listed. From documentation, to computer equipment and furniture, desks and even decorations – if you do not want the company to suffer losses while moving, make an accurate list of things that should be transported. Personal belongings of employees can be written by them personally or taken on their own.

Before you get all the things out of the office, try to check what you really need. Moving is a great time when you can get rid of all unnecessary papers, old stamps, used pens. When reviewing company desks, you may be surprised how many things are no longer applicable and suitable for disposal. Removals are a great time to do general cleaning of documents and office supplies.

Encourage employees to fully take care of their position and prepare them for transfer. It would be a good idea to give them stickers with which you can describe boxes with things. This will avoid chaos when unpacking things later.

Divide things into important and less important

The most common concern of people who change the location of their office is the loss of valuable documents in the heat of moving . This is why the supervision of a person who knows the organization and is in charge of the entire process is so important. It is important that things important to the company do not fall into the wrong hands. For smaller companies, all you have to do is deal with it yourself or with trusted employees, but when you move out to a larger company, you’ll have to consider other options – e.g. hiring a moving company that will take responsibility for all things and documents that are important to your organization.

It is also important to appoint people who will be responsible for moving computer equipment from one facility to another. These can be computers, photocopiers, printers, scanners or other valuable items. It may also be a good idea to ask each employee to make sure their equipment is secure before moving the office.

Hire a moving team

Even if you have managed it yourself so far, hiring a moving team with the right equipment and vehicles is a must. Having a list and carefully marked items, you can safely give the company’s property to the care of professionals who will transport them to the address indicated and unpack. In the case of companies, moving house is much more complicated than in the case of moving your private belongings. So make sure that the company you entrust with this task has the appropriate competences in this respect. It is worth familiarizing yourself with the offer in your city and choosing the best available offer.