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Horse riding

Horse riding – a passion for life

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ot a man in the world who wouldn’t want to ride a horse, right? It is a passion, a passion, for many, love that evokes great emotions, impressions, an extraordinary adventure. However, due to the high costs, not everyone can afford this kind of sport or passion. However, those who start the adventure quickly find that it is their whole life. 03It is a combination of tourism and recreation, which is decided by more and more people. People go on holiday to agritourism, where horse riding, jumping lessons, various competitions and horse races are offered. Equestrianism is also very popular due to therapies for the disabled, where contact with a horse is the basis for rehabilitation for many. We are talking about so-called hippotherapy. One thing is certain – riding a horse is pleasure, relaxation, fun and passion that can become our whole world. Equestrian clothing becomes everyday clothing.

Species of horses

horsemanshipBefore we start the adventure, it is worth getting basic information to be able to start the adventure in this topic. The basis is definitely to know the breeds and types of horses, which will allow us to know which we will ride and why. The most popular division is the distinction of warm-blooded horses, which include: Arabian, thoroughbred English and Anglo-Arabian horses are light and noble horses. The second group are cold-blooded horses: bretons, ardennes, and recording, which are heavy and massive. Depending on the type of horse we can talk about speed, jumping, obedience and many other features that are attributed to specific species. When it comes to horse riding, it is extremely important which horse we will start our adventure on and which horse we will ride. What else is worth knowing about horses? Certainly that he can move three gaits. The first is the steppe, the second is the trot, the third is the gallop. So riding a horse you can travel at a speed of 6-8 km / h, 12-18 km / h, but also up to 60km / h. Regardless of what horse and at what speed, regardless of whether in the stud on the catwalk or in the woods, horse riding is a special sport and only by being directly on the horse can you talk about the emotions that accompany this particular activity.

What equipment should I buy for a horse?

To be able to lead a horse you must have the right equipment for it. In equestrian schools, this equipment is in the stables, and before learning, every horse is equipped with it. So what does horse equipment consist of? This is, of course, a bridle, i.e. a bridle that consists of a bit and a set of leather straps that are connected to the reins. They are put on the horse’s head. The next element is of course the saddle, which when it comes to horse riding is one of the overriding elements of a well-equipped horse. The saddle is attached to the horse’s back using a special girth. Stirrups leave him, in which the riders put their legs. The saddle allows a correct ride and the possibility of riding in a smooth and pleasant way. This type of horse equipment should be selected individually for each rider, because it depends on body weight, proportion and height. The saddle is selected for both the rider and the horse himself. Of course, horses that take part in races or run a lot on a hard surface need horseshoes, and screw-in hacels in winter. A horse equipped in this way can be ready to ride with its leader.

What equipment does the rider need?

To ride a horse you must have the right equipment for it. Initially, when the adventure is just beginning, such equipment is obtained in nurseries. However, when we start to be interested in this sport seriously and see that horse riding becomes our hobby and passion, to which we devote more and more time then it is worth investing in our own equipment. So what is needed for such a rider? Of course, the most important thing is a headgear, i.e. a special toque, which must be made of rigid plastic and covered with velvet on the outside. Appropriate shoes high enough to protect against chafing are also important. An important role is also played by pants called breeches, which do not have seams inside the legs, and on the knees have special reinforcements. Finally, gloves are important so that you don’t get corns when holding the belts. If, however, someone practices horse riding professionally and participates in competitions, they must also have a shirt, light breeches and a tailcoat called red or black tights.

One thing is certain – this sport is extremely beautiful, addictive and has many advantages. Unfortunately, it is not for everyone and not everyone can afford it. Those who have this opportunity can certainly call themselves real lucky people.

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