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What lamps for the children’s room?

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What lamps for the children’s room? At first, parents decide about the appearance of their child’s room, but later it is worth letting him decide about it; after all, it’s about making our child feel safe and simply good in their own space. Lamps would seem to have little effect on this; however, the lighting can both emphasize the character of the room and slightly break the mood.

It is worth remembering that the decor of the child’s room will change. After all, the space of a one-year-old baby or even a four-year-old is already two completely different interiors. It is good to adjust the room to the current age and interests of the child.

Hanging lamps for the children’s room

You definitely know the carousels hanging over the cradle. Many manufacturers of children’s room lamps offer lighting with a similar appearance: animals or stars hanging above the ceiling will definitely add a lot of charm to the interior, and will also appeal to a small child.

And this is just one option; the sale also includes a lot of seemingly ordinary hanging lamps, which add sweetness and uniqueness. The most common motifs include rocking horses, flowers or moons – thanks to such a variety it is easy to choose a lamp for the style in which the room was decorated.

For older children, there are also many original hanging lamps. An interesting option is to adjust the lighting to the interest of the child – with this in mind lamps were created, even in the shape of football or basket, lamp shades stylized as a bird cage or constellation. Colorful, cheerful models will definitely add a climate to a children’s room, creating a unique atmosphere.

Children’s night lights

Many children are afraid to sleep when the lights are off. For this reason, a good solution would be to buy a night lamp that will not be a source of too strong light – so that it does not disturb the child’s sleep. There are several types of lamps that will not only fulfill their task, but also will look very good.

The most classic and traditional idea is a regular bedside lamp. Thanks to the colorful shade, it doesn’t let in so much light; the lighting is calm and it is easy to fall asleep. In addition, there are unusually many motifs of such lights, so they will be very easy to match the rest of the decor; themed designs even include themes from Disney cartoons.

If you want to focus on more original lighting, bed headrest lamps resembling Christmas lights may be a good solution. Since the light source will be behind the child’s head, the lighting will not disturb you while falling asleep. As with traditional bedside lamps, the switch is close enough that the child can control the lighting by himself. These types of lamps also look very nice at cradles.

Wall lamps for children

While in the rest of the rooms we usually do not use wall lighting, in a children’s room this type of lamp not only provides an additional source of light, but also adds a lot of charm. Manufacturers offer wall lamps for children’s rooms in a variety of shapes and colors – starting from fairly typical designs, such as stars and moons, and ending with more original lamps, such as letter shape.

Most of these lamps are not a source of too intense lighting, so you can afford to place on the wall not one, but several such lamps. Many parents decide to buy several such lamps – then you can arrange an interesting motif on the wall, such as the galaxy or even the name of the child.

Desk lamps for the children’s room

The desk will be useful even to a four-year-old child, after all, it is the most convenient place to draw or first attempts to write. Of course, however, you need to ensure that the child has the right lighting, so that he will not spoil his eyes while developing their own creativity.

Children’s desk lamps, as well as other types of lighting for a children’s room, have many shapes and colors. Themes from favorite cartoons, shapes that reflect the interests of our children or simply more traditional, but colorful models – there are innumerable options.

First of all, the child’s sentence

It is not true that the girl’s room must be significantly different from the boy’s. Who said that an airplane-shaped lamp can’t be part of a girl’s bedroom decor and the lighting in the flowers doesn’t suit the boy? Do not pay attention to stereotypes; if your son likes a lamp in pastel pink, why not have one?

By allowing your child freedom in choosing lighting, you will not only gain his satisfaction, but may also surprise you with his ideas. Various models of lamps allow you to choose the lighting that will reflect the character of the child, so that our child will be able to create a unique atmosphere in their own space.

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