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Jak dobrze sprzedać auto


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Buying and selling cars in Poland is a slippery topic. Many guides have already been created to help buyers avoid getting on the mine. This time I’ll try to suggest how to sell the car. Let’s start, however, by determining what it means to sell a car well? As a rule, we care about the highest possible price, although for that we should stand firm on the ground, but more on that later. Usually, we want to do it quite quickly, because time is money. And without any problems, which I will write about later. It is worth preparing the car for sale. I don’t need to convince anyone that it wasn’t long ago when it was enough for a car to have four wheels and a roof. Although, I must admit that for the cheapest offers on the market, it is still crucial. Despite this, it is also worth a little effort in this segment.


How to prepare a car for sale

Buyers are different, but no one has scared away a car that is neat and clean. If you want to sell an expensive, maybe luxurious car, it may be worthwhile to use the services of professionals. There asprzedaż samochodówre already companies on the market that specialize in detailing or preparing vehicles for sale. While I doubt the economic sense of such services in the case of a small car for several thousand zlotys, if you are counting on several dozen or several hundred thousand, this is an option that you should consider.

Well, but what if you do not want to spend money on the ultra-professional preparation of your car for sale? There is no other way than to roll up your sleeves and get to work. There will be no physical work.

  • Washing, vacuuming, detailing – This is the basis, no one wants to buy a dirty car, since it is neglected from the top, what lies deeper?
  • Repair of defects – especially the minor ones, the reason – similar to cleaning.
  • It’s worth having a repair history – but you need to take care of it beforehand, it significantly increases trust in the seller.
  • Prepare documents – A model sales contract and car documents are better to have on hand so that you can quickly complete the transaction. 
  • We recommend :
  • delivery van rental

How to write a good ad about car sales

Perhaps you are wondering when you will finally read how to sell a car? Well, selling a car is a process where preparation is important. But we’re getting closer. Every car, also your old man, deserves a well-written advertisement. Not without boring, but key details such as:

  • Year of production
  • Engine capacity and power
  • Number of Owners
  • Course
  • Equipment

I’ll stop at the last point. Sometimes, especially when we are not the first owners, we may not be aware of the wealth of additional equipment that our car is equipped with. What’s more, the potential buyer also often doesn’t know what to expect when choosing your car.

When you write the basic information, think about how you can stand out from thousands of other advertisers. What needs, besides traveling, are the cars you sell. For example, Fiat Cinquecento is unlikely to build prestige, but it does great parking and is cheap to maintain.

There is also a price issue when creating an advertisement. On the one hand, you know how much you would like to collect for your car, but on the other, it is worth getting to know the competition and understanding what choice the buyer will face. In addition, it is worth agreeing with yourself below what price you are not going to negotiate. Because negotiations will take place – you can be sure of that.

Car photos – what to look for

Text is text, but things like a car are bought rather through the eyes. Therefore, not only the preparations I wrote earlier, but also nice photos of the car are very important. For photo sessions, even if you do it yourself, you also need to prepare. Nice background, clean car, trunk without a million dingies. Photos of the car should show both the body and interior. However, do not overdo it. A few or several photos is enough. I would forget not to take pictures with the calculator. Let them be sharp and clear. You don’t want to hide anything, do you?

Where to publish a car sale announcement

Finally, after many hardships, the time will come to post the ad. You have a very wide spectrum at your disposal.

  • Facebook is free, but it is very likely that your ad will die in a flood of other news
  • Thematic forums , it is worth using this option because you immediately reach people interested in the topic, e.g. fans of youngtimers, sports or off-road cars, Japanese motoring enthusiasts , or even a specific brand or model
  • The glass is an old way that only makes sense if you often park in densely populated areas
  • Ad portals offer paid ads, but that’s where most of us are looking for cars, so it’s worth using this option

What else should you pay attention to?

Once you place your ad and the phone warms up to red, be prepared for these three things:

  • Test drive – suggest it even if the customer doesn’t ask about it. In addition, if you are sure of your car, you must use this option. Let the buyer feel that this is his car.
  • Feel the client, look at what he is paying attention to and what is most important to him – it will help you in negotiations.
  • Difficult conversations – These will be a multitude. Anyone who has ever sold a car will confirm this . You will be dealing with the smartest automotive experts who will only want to show their superiority, and with people who do not know exactly what a car is for. Remember that both are right, they do not necessarily have to buy a car from you.

Selling a car does not always go smoothly. All the more important is good preparation and selection of tools (like a portal with offers) that will help you with this. I hope you now at least know how to go about it.

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