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Rozwijaj szkołę z programem “Aktywna Tablica”

Develop a school with the “Active Blackboard” program

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Develop a school with the “Active Blackboard” program. The interactive equipment subsidy program for developing schools is still ongoing. Some schools have already benefited, and some are still preparing to submit applications and complete the necessary procedures. How to make the best use of the money from co-financing so that the equipment will last for years?

The program in a nutshell

The “Active Whiteboard” program has been prepared and supervised by the Ministry of National Education as part of developing school infrastructure and the competence of students and teachers in the field of information and communication technologies for 2017-2019. As part of the program, primary schools will be equipped with interactive whiteboards, projectors, speakers and interactive touch screens.

The aim of the project is to create conditions for schools to use modern teaching aids, selected by them in accordance with their needs, and to increase the competence of students and teachers by changing the way of thinking about how to use new technologies. The development of students’ competences in this area should take place in a modern equipped school.

A detailed list of equipment for which funding can be obtained:

interactive whiteboard or blackboard + ultra short throw projector set;
projector or ultra-short throw projector;
loudspeakers or other devices that enable sound transmission;
interactive touch screen with a screen diameter of at least 55 inches.

The amount of funding

The program is financed in 80% from the state budget and in 20% from the own contribution of schools. What does this mean in practice? The school will be able to receive up to PLN 14,000 in co-financing. zł. In the case of maximum financial support, the body running the school had to make an own contribution of 3,500. zł.

Amounts for implementing the program in accordance with the Ministry of National Education:
– PLN 84 million in 2017
– PLN 70 million in 2018
– PLN 70 million in 2019

Who can apply for a grant?

The following may apply for funding:
public and private primary and art schools;
schools and school teams, as well as school consultation points at diplomatic missions, consular posts and military missions;
public and private primary schools in juvenile detention centers and shelters.

Requirements for schools:
1. Internet access at least 30 Mb / s;
2. One access point to use the Internet as part of extracurricular activities and during free time;
3. For one interactive board or one interactive touch monitor requested, the school must have at least one:
– a portable computer or other mobile device having the functions of a computer together with an installed operating system, office software, anti-virus software, protecting against access to unwanted content – it must also have a capacious ssd disk and ram memory .
– router and classroom with internet access.

Requirements that the equipment must meet:

  • CE declaration;
  • ISO 9001 certificate for the manufacturer;
  • equipment from the same manufacturer if you purchased more than 1 piece of equipment of a given type;
  • a set of devices and software from one supplier;
  • brand new equipment (manufactured not earlier than 9 months before delivery) and free from encumbrances by third parties;
  • necessary instructions and materials for use;
  • minimum 2 years warranty.

In addition, hardware and software providers must also meet the requirements. They have an obligation to provide technical teacher training in the area of ​​equipment and software operation, taking into account the need to use ICT in conducting educational classes in various subjects.

Why is it worth choosing a serving company consciously?

The choice of serving company is very important for schools in retrospect. One of the most important issues is the quality of the equipment and warranty service in the event of its damage. Schools should look for a company that provides good equipment and, at the same time, helps to run the Active Whiteboard program. There are many companies supplying equipment under the program. It is worth tempting to carefully look through the offers, because you can find very beneficial proposals that will not only allow you to buy equipment, but also show the possibilities and help develop the school using the purchased, thanks to the funding of interactive equipment.

There are companies that offer ready programs for access to free knowledge provided by a group of experienced teachers, methodologists and educators. Thanks to such activities, teachers and school coordinators can learn modern learning techniques and learn how to effectively use new technologies and ICT tools in the lesson. Competitive companies create a coherent educational program, which includes, among others: webinars, training sessions, scenarios, FB groups, workshops. It is worth thinking today and find specialists so as not to worry afterwards.

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