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How to choose the perfect bongo?

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How to choose the perfect bongo? When it comes to choosing your favorite bongo, the sheer number of options may seem stunning. However, by following a few basic rules, purchasing may be easier.

Dry herb or concentrate?

Bongo can be used for both dry herbs and legal concentrates. What we choose for our pipe will affect the size, angle and style of connection. Dry herbs use a combination of flower bowls. They are usually attached to larger stems at a typical 45 or 90 degree angle. However, concentrates use a connection called a nail. They are usually attached to smaller stems at an angle of 90 degrees to avoid dripping.

If we belong to a group of people who like to shake different things, maybe it will be better if we choose a pipe adapted to our lifestyle. Water pipes can use different stems to fit well into the bowl or nail, and in the case of pipes with melted stages, we can buy an additional adapter. Whether you want to change the stem or use the adapter depends on the size and style of the bong.

A significant size

The way you use the bong will ultimately determine which size is best for us. Let’s think, we will travel with him often, will we put it in the closet at the next party or will it be easily available on the bed or TV table? The bongo store has a very varied range.

Smaller pipes are better to carry and can easily fit in a bag or storage compartment. They will also be cheaper and easier to clean and store anywhere. In turn, larger pipes are a big investment, but they can provide a greater variety of connector types and adapters. They offer a larger selection of percolation chambers.

Percolation chambers

They are found in larger bongs and can disperse airflow. In this way, they affect the heat and smoothness of smoking. Percolation techniques vary a lot, but some can be inline or wooden or honeycomb. Diffusion methods are a personal preference, but they can affect the aesthetic quality of the bongo in such a way that it can move and rotate the water through the bongo and its chambers.


Sometimes we may want the pipe to have a representative function. Branded pipes can be intricately designed or colored, but then we have to reckon with a higher price. Complex bongo designs and impressive glass blowing techniques also cost a lot, and one-of-a-kind collection platforms or devices are considered strong and are generally a major investment.

Any complex platform with different environments and fences will conquer the price, but sometimes elegant results from simplicity and minimalism.


They contain terpenes, organic compounds responsible for taste and aroma in many plants. Due to the nature of the concentrates and the temperature at which they are consumed, terpenes are more expressive in concentrates than dry herbs. The percolation chambers can thin the steam and prevent it from getting too thick smoke.

Hot smoke cooling methods

There are many ways to cool smoke before inhaling, as well as many unconventional and increasingly interesting ideas. By forcing smoke to move in water, percolators are a very basic way of cooling hot smoke by dissipating heat in liquids. There are many types of percolators, from shower heads to inline, which use slots to further disperse smoke, forcing it to diffuse through water and a filter. Percolators are beautiful and diverse in many ways.

Coils can also be a good solution. Repeatedly refills the coil, easily cooling and retaining cold liquid, which can often be frozen, giving to the fridge. Coils are usually filled with glycerin, which retains coolness longer than ice. You can also use spirals that are precisely arranged around the bong through which smoke passes.

Advantages of bongo

Filtering tobacco and other legal substances is a bit healthier in this case (you can also read about CBD in the online store ). It’s a friendly solution for beginners. This is a slightly easier way for people who are just learning to smoke. The bubbles that the bongo produces when you breathe in make the smoke throat smoother than an average cigarette or cigar. Shorter breaths for a much shorter period of time can help a newcomer experience the easier smoking experience for the first time.

The main reason why many smokers can opt for bongo or vaporizers is cleanliness. Thanks to this, it doesn’t irritate the smoker’s throat like cigarettes. You also do not have to roll tobacco or cigars. Heated water kills all bacteria in smoke, offering cleaner inhalation, while cold water will cool. Thanks to this, the user will be less exposed to typical smoking disorders, such as bronchitis, if he uses bongo in moderation. Unlike plastic or aluminum, glass bongo can help reduce additional chemicals.

Remember to always clean the bongo after use. Reusing dirty water or a cleaning solution is definitely not healthy. In fact, neglecting bongo hygiene actually cancels the filtering effect, so make sure you clean it thoroughly and regularly.

Suitable for daily use. It actually filters out a number of carcinogens by inhalation, reducing the likelihood of a smoker developing lung cancer. Remember to use bong in moderation. Let’s consider personal preferences and usage.

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