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Zarządca nieruchomościami - co warto wiedzieć o tym zawodzie?

Property manager – what is worth knowing about this profession?

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Property manager – what is worth knowing about this profession? Property management has recently been a very popular and eager occupation. Although it requires special permissions to perform it, it also guarantees high earnings and a comfortable opportunity for remote work. What is worth knowing about this profession and how can we do it?

What is the job of a property manager and how can it be done?

What does the property manager do? In short, it is the person responsible for the administration and service of a given property and controlling its technical condition. Among the duties in this profession, you can also distinguish advice on proper decision-making in the possession of real estate. Here, however, it is worth specifying the legal term “real estate”. It is a type of property, which in Polish law is divided into three sub-types: land, building and housing real estate.

The former are land – for example, purchased land for the construction of a house or owned arable field. This type of property includes two sub-types: agricultural and forestry real estate. In turn, building real estate is, as the name implies, most often various types of buildings – residential premises, office buildings or shop pavilions. Housing premises are usually private flats. The administration of the above types of property is carried out by the manager who, as part of a large company or a sole proprietorship, supervises the properties assigned to him. One of the biggest advantages of this profession is the ability to freely set the time and type of work. There are more and more independent specialists on the market in this industry, who can be among the freelancers.

What is the average earnings of the property manager?

Depending on the competence and experience, the earnings of real estate managers can range on average from 4,000 to even 10,000 thousand. zlotys. It all depends on the position taken and whether we operate individually or as part of a larger business. Heads of departments responsible for property management achieve revenues from around 8,000 to even 11,000 thousand. PLN (without tax deduction). However, we cannot expect that at the beginning of our career path such high salaries will be in our account. Beginners in this industry – trainees or assistants – usually start with income not exceeding 2000 thousand. PLN net.

Along with the gradual promotion, we can count on higher and higher earnings. Our salary will increase if we supplement our knowledge with additional courses and training during our professional career. Real estate laws are constantly changing, and new technologies are emerging to support property administration. To keep up with these changes, it is necessary to constantly develop your skills and acquire knowledge. The remuneration of managers with additional certificates may increase by up to PLN 1,000 or 2,000. Additional qualifications are also a chance for a better position in a company specializing in property administration.

How do you get professional permissions to administer real estate and do related professions?

If we are interested in the work of a property manager or we want to run a business related to this industry, we must have specific professional qualifications. By law, the basic required condition is to obtain a university degree. In addition, you will need to complete a postgraduate course in property administration and management. The exception is the situation in which we have already obtained a bachelor’s, master’s or engineering degree in property management as part of our studies. In addition, we must have current civil liability insurance, or liability insurance. After fulfilling the above conditions, we can apply for a professional license.

It is issued by the Polish Chamber of Real Estate Management. If we only want to mediate in property management, a good option would be to have a Real Estate Agent License. It is issued by the Polish Real Estate Federation and does not require meeting as many criteria as in the case of full rights granted by KIGN. The broker’s profession consists in contacts with potential real estate buyers and their owners. A property appraiser is also a related profession. This is a person who specializes in property valuation, for example for the purposes of buying or bidding. This valuation is based on several factors – such as, among others, the state of property, legal status of the property or its usable potential.

Real estate management is an increasingly needed profession in times of investment in land or housing. Many owners decide to use the services of a specialist manager to have professional control over their property. Thus, this profession is becoming increasingly profitable and desirable on the labor market.

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