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Wiesz, że Atlantyda istnieje? Zrób sobie wakacje na Sardynii!

Do you know Atlantis exists? Take a vacation in Sardinia!

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Do you know Atlantis exists? Take a vacation in Sardinia! Have you ever had a myrtle liqueur? Have you tried cheese in which the larvae crawl? Have you seen an island that looks like a footprint? If not, it means you haven’t met your holidays in Sardinia yet. This special place is endowed with exceptional magic and invites with open arms everyone who would like to taste the longevity of forgotten Atlantis. It is this place that is considered a spiritual successor and probable inspiration to describe this legendary land.

All because of the Nuragians, who built towers so high that today we can hardly believe that they succeeded – they probably did not have as many slaves as the Egyptians, and yet they moved the rock blocks from which they built the towers. This puzzle will not be solved for a long time, because holidays in Sardinia are like immersing yourself in the land of magic and magic. This is where Mamuthones come out in black masks with skins on their shoulders during the carnival. This is where Isohadores appear in white masks, dressed in bright colors. A newcomer who has not seen them before may scare them. However, they bring a special mood.

Do you want to bring a unique gift? Be sure to buy something from real corals. Only in Sardinia you will find them in such wonderful colors. Both red and turquoise will be a perfect complement to any stylization. You’ll delight everyone!

If you already have a holiday in Sardinia (we recommend holidays 2019 Sardinia ), you must try their cuisine. They have dumplings with pecorino cheese, potatoes and mint. They may resemble Russian dumplings a little bit, although the taste of herbs is quite different here. Pecorino also makes an absolutely fantastic dessert, i.e. sebadas. It is deep fried and poured with honey. Lick your fingers!

Holidays in Sardinia are also beaches. It would be unfair not to mention the phenomenal Budella Spiaggia Rosa, the pink beach. But we can find over two hundred others. They are rocky, stone, sandy, white and yellow. Wherever we go, we’ll find a new place for sunbathing. And the water, clean and turquoise, invites you to a relaxing ablution. We will miss it when in autumn in Poland we look out the window and see raindrops reflecting off the glass. The Sardinians at this time will be reveling in the sun and dry wine, which is made of clusters bursting with juice and ripening in the rays of our local star.

The longevity of Sardinians is also legendary – like Atlantis itself. They owe all this to pecorino cheese, fresh goat’s milk, broad beans, clean air, seafood and, of course, a healthy glass of wine. If we walk around this island, we also understand why its inhabitants are in such good physical condition. Sardinia has mountains and rocks, which is a great treat for climbers. Let’s try to join them – it is no worse than our Krakow-Częstochowa Jura. Let’s also go on a route of six hundred stairs and go through them to fully feel this wonderful Italian effort.

We still lack beautiful colors? Let’s go to Costa Smaragdina, where yachts of the rich are moored. We will see what the beauty of nature means. Water, as the name suggests, has a deep and beautiful emerald color there. It also tempts with an attractive beach. This is where important people from all over the world come together to feel at least a wonderful breath of longevity.

Speaking of sea … holidays in Sardinia would be really empty if we did not go on a short boat trip. We can buy such pleasure for really little money. The opportunity to circumnavigate this wonderful island is something that we should include on our list of mandatory activities in Sardinian reality.

Sardinia is a bit like Spain. All this is due to the Catalan settlers, whose culture has left its mark here. Let’s visit Alghero, which is called little Barcelona. There we will find a kitchen that vividly resembles that of the Iberian Peninsula, we will hear a singing dialect of this Romanic language, we will see a flag that strongly resembles Spanish.

Let’s also remember to visit Neptune’s Grottoes. The legendary lord of the seas embedded the salt lake of Lamarmora there. The view is amazing and will not be forgotten by us for a long time.

Holidays in Sardinia also mean a short journey by plane. Only three hours from Poland! Much shorter than to Egypt, it is worth noting. And tickets are not too expensive, hotels can be really attractive, and sometimes you don’t even have to buy food. We can dine alone, tasting seafood, cheese, crunchy highlander’s bread (a bit like matzos or wafers).

If we’re really brave, let’s take on the challenge and try casu dream. This is the cheese in which the larvae breed. Disgusting? Only seemingly, although doctors say that eating live worms is a rather average idea. Still, a holiday in Sardinia without such an adventure might seem empty. In the end, every kitchen has a slightly disgusting offer (whoever tasted Swedish pickled herring knows what I’m talking about). Why and not here?

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