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Co warto wiedzieć o roletach okiennych?

What should you know about window blinds?

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What should you know about window blinds? Window blinds have both decorative and practical functions. They are a great alternative to classic curtains, and sometimes also curtains. Due to the fact that interest in them is constantly growing, various types are available on the market. Accordingly, we can divide them in terms of the material from which they were made, design, specifics and of course the price. Before we make the final decision about buying specific blinds, we should familiarize ourselves with the topic and deepen knowledge about what to follow when choosing them.

What to know before buying window blinds?

One of the most important issues that should guide us when we choose window blinds is to provide the rooms with high protection against sunlight. Of course, if we do not attach importance to this and focus on aesthetic value rather than practical, then all we have to do is buy blinds made of thin paper. These are the cheapest products, but they also do not provide protection against excessive penetration of sunlight into the interior of our house or apartment. However, if first of all we care about practical applications, then the best solution will be more expensive roller blinds. rubberised.

Another important thread is the installation of blinds. There are two types to choose from. The first of them, in the case of classic blinds, is mounting to the wall or window frame. This type of blinds usually covers the entire window and can perform decorative functions. However, window blinds in the mini version are more and more often selected as modern ones. They are mounted in a window frame or on a glazing bead. Thanks to additional guides located on the sides, it is possible to darken the room even better.

Before buying roller blinds, you should also think about issues related to their color. This is important both in terms of aesthetic value and in terms of darkness of the room. Keep in mind that light blinds let around 30% more light than dark blinds. Therefore, it should be borne in mind when choosing the right roller blinds for your home or apartment.

What are the most popular types of blinds?

Among the blinds offered by manufacturers, we can find large quantities. However, the most popular are screen blinds , Austrian, Roman, pleated and day / night blinds. In the case of screen blinds, they are considered one of the most functional. Ideally suited to both homes and offices. This type of roller blinds consists of a rolled belt, which is usually made of materials such as polyester, PVC or fiberglass. Screen blinds can appear as free-hanging blinds and placed in a special cassette.

Austrian blinds are appreciated by customers who mainly care about the decorative qualities of the product. They look like curtains that are lifted by means of integrated string systems. This type of blinds can really be made of any type of material used for the production of blinds, however, those made of voile are most popular.

Roman blinds are very similar to the Austrian model, except that the material curls up in waves and thus creates an interesting decoration. In the case of higher-end Roman blinds, they have underwires, which are additional vertical reinforcements.

Pleated blinds are a popular type of blinds that will be used for both wall and roof windows. The above-mentioned can be divided into single-functional – folding up in a harmonica and double-functional – folding in both directions. In the case of the latter, they are very popular because they allow you to cover only a selected part of the window, and also look good.

Day / night blinds are a great idea for use in interiors exposed to increased heating by sunlight. This type of blinds consists of horizontal strips of material that can let in light or provide complete darkening of the room.

What is the way not to overpay for blinds?

First of all, we should clearly answer the question about our real needs. If we really want window blinds not to cost us too much, then it is worth considering the purchase of the cheapest ones, which undoubtedly include screen blinds. However, we should remember to choose the color of the material that will allow us to provide adequate protection of the interior against excessive solar radiation. In addition, analyzing the offers of several producers is an important aspect. This will give us a glimpse of how prices on the market are shaped and will allow us to choose the one that is most acceptable to us. However, if Austrian or Roman blinds are closer to our heart, then we have to take into account that it will not be too small for us.

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