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Mamy muzykalne dziecko!

We have a musical child!

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We have a musical child! During their development, the child has many interests that parents often help to develop. It may be a desire to learn more about birds, car mechanics or a passion for books or musical instruments. Usually, parents do not wonder if this is the right time to develop a new passion, but in the case of music it is different. Why? Because it involves a lot of classes and taking up education in a music school. The process of learning music is also complicated and demanding for young children, so when to go to school?

Trying to school for music

Studying at a music school is a long-term process during which the child mainly learns to play the selected instrument. During this time, the student can also develop on other levels (such as singing or learning to play the second instrument), which positively affects his passion – music. However, before a parent decides to send a child to such a school, it is worth considering several aspects that will be discussed below.

First of all, it should be verified whether the expressed interests in music or musical instruments are temporary, as it happens at a young age. No wonder everyone is looking for their passion, which is why so many things are tried so often before they find the right occupation to fill their free time. If the answer is yes and the passion for music did not turn out to be temporary, it is also worth considering: musical predisposition (this is about innate individual conditions), the child’s endurance (to monotony, because you will have to repeat some songs many times, and the classes themselves they can last a long time) and its maturity (is it independent enough to find itself in a new environment). The ideal situation is when your child can already read and write. All in all, this seems a necessary skill, because in music school he will learn the secrets of the next letter – music notes.

You should also take into account the number of extracurricular activities in which your child is already participating. Each additional one is not only the development of a young person, but also his burden. It also requires a lot of commitment on the part of parents, who must bring their child to these activities. Too many of them can be overwhelming, but also negatively affect the development of passion. That is why it is worth verifying what gives the toddler the most pleasure and choosing what he works for. It is important to support parents and family during the development of interests and constantly maintain motivation so that the child does not become discouraged from learning music.

Learning music in Poland

In Poland, a six-year-old child can already go to school, which offers music development and learning. The first degree music school begins with the first grade, which enables parallel primary school education. An exception is the music school, which is general education. Very often, parents delay sending their children to such a school, because they want to let them naturally master writing and reading. The second argument is the reluctance to overload the young man with the amount of duties and demanding learning, which is a lot. Thirdly, adaptation to the new reality, i.e. to the conditions imposed by each school. This moment in a toddler’s life can be stressful, sometimes even very much. Therefore, a large proportion of students go to school with a music profile around the age of ten, i.e. they bypass the children’s department and go to the youth department.

The music school in Szczecin meets the expectations of parents and their children, which is why even toddlers can feel good during classes. However, this requires considerable commitment from teachers and parents. It is also known that the younger the child – the more absorptive of knowledge, and his mind is still extremely plastic. Such a young artist can gain a lot, although a lot depends on the factors mentioned above. Therefore, all pros and cons should be considered in both cases.

The right moment to send your child to a music school will ensure creativity and individuality. It is important to approach the child taking into account his needs and set aside all conventions present in the cultural circle surrounding us. It is extremely important that the music school and education please the child. It is known that the sooner you learn to play the piano, the learned habits will be more natural. And what is natural for a young artist and a man is often much easier to master and develop in the future.

If you want to make the right decision, you can also take a few trial lessons that will help your child become familiar with the specifics of future learning and the new environment. At this time, parents will be able to see how their children behave and how they react to classes offered by the school with a music profile. The trial lessons will also allow you to determine the direction of future education when it comes to choosing a musical instrument and the point at which it is worth going to a school that offers learning music.

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