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Park trampolin jako dobry biznes

Trampoline park as a good business

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Trampoline park as a good business. Poles are increasingly willing to leave their homes and look for interesting ways to spend their free time. That is why fitness clubs, aqua parks, climbing walls and trampoline parks are very popular. Trampolines have been a hit in recent years, parks are created in the centers of large cities and are quickly gaining a loyal group of customers. This growing popularity is an opportunity for potential investors who are looking for a good business idea.

Why exactly trampoline park?

In business, a good idea and product demand often matter. Examples of existing trampoline parks in our country shows that there are plenty of people who love jumping. This is an excellent sport that helps you burn fat without unnecessarily straining our joints. In addition, when jumping, endorphins are released, which give us a real sense of happiness. And the most important thing is that going out with your family is simply great fun for both children and adults.

It is also worth taking advantage of the popularity of the ninja program, which finally reached Poland. Everyone will want to feel like a player overcoming an extremely difficult obstacle course. Manufacturers meet this challenge and create complex ninja tracks that challenge everyone. Trampoline parks are full of daredevils who want to take extreme challenges and feel the adrenaline rush.

Business plan

If you want to open a trampoline park, you don’t have to rely only on your ingenuity. The manufacturer of equipment for this entertainment can not only comprehensively equip the park, but also acquaint us with its know-how. They will tell you what to look for above all. The rest will belong to us. The manufacturer of trampoline parks will familiarize us with the possibilities, and we will have to decide what elements are to be in our park.

We can prepare a family-friendly place with many attractions for children. We can also go to a more extreme side, where customers will be able to taste acrobatics or ninja challenges. If the size of our premises allows it, nothing stands in the way to create several zones, so that everyone can find a place suitable for themselves and their passions.

The right location

A well-connected location is often the key to success. However, venues for the trampoline park are in vain to be found in the city center. To drive we need large and high halls, about 6-7 meters. Most often we find them in more industrial parts of the city. The hall must have at least 500 m2, and may even reach several thousand.

The hall is not everything, of course, we must be able to separate additional rooms for toilets or reception. Searching for premises is best to consult with the manufacturer, who will tell us what elements to pay special attention to. This will help us direct the search. Once we manage to find any interesting room, we can also count on the expert opinion of the manufacturer here, whether all planned devices can be accommodated in the hall.

Investment costs

The lion’s share of costs is, of course, equipment. When deciding on a design prepared by the manufacturer, we will know immediately the cost of the entire investment, including assembly. Prices per square meter vary depending on the quantity and quality of the equipment that we choose for your park. The more complex the devices, the higher the price per meter. The manufacturer can also take care of equipping additional rooms.

The costs, of course, must include the cost of renting, employing employees, including qualified trainers, reception and sanitary facilities, and marketing costs. It is also known that before the park begins to earn a living, you need to have funds for a few months. It is also worth planning expenses for training for employees. It’s good to have trainers in your ranks who not only take care of safety in the hall, but also become an inspiration for customers. They can teach acrobatics and teach complicated evolutions. Trampoline fitness classes for both adults and children are also great.

Equipment assembly and service

The last element is the assembly of devices in the hall. Depending on the size of the hall, such assembly may take about a month. It is very important not to speed it up. The manufacturer must have time to properly assemble the devices and check that all components fit together well. All this will affect the future safety of using the park. And this owner should care the most. After assembling all the devices, you can go to the last finishing works and open the premises. We do not have to worry about the maintenance and service of devices, which the manufacturer will also deal with in the future.

To start with, of course, you must properly publicize the opening of a new facility in the city. Advertising on the radio, newspapers or the Internet will definitely be enough. It is good to organize a large event to start with, which will show you the possibilities to spend time in the park. This will attract customers of all ages.

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