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Bezpieczna budowa: nieoceniona pomoc geodety

Safe construction: invaluable help from a land surveyor

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Safe construction: invaluable help from a land surveyor. During the construction of the house, contact and services of experts from various industries are necessary. After all, someone must design a building, someone lead the construction itself, and someone else make all kinds of maps and land measurements. It is these last people that we want to focus the most in this article.

Below you will find information on at which stages of construction the services of a geologist or surveyor are necessary. Cooperation with the land surveyor continues throughout the construction, from the moment when it is not even commenced to the last works and commissioning of the building, therefore for this purpose it is worth choosing a good specialist who will help in all matters, and will also have time to take care of our construction.

Before construction

The task of the surveyor at this stage is to determine the exact boundaries of the plot on the basis of information obtained from the local Spatial Development Plan. When receiving a building permit, a surveyor sets out the location of the building so that it is in line with the given land development project. A meeting with a land surveyor is best set up immediately after purchasing a given construction plot or after a visit to a design studio and obtaining information what data will be necessary to complete a house project.

He has the task of making a map of design goals, which is necessary for the designer. All the details marked on it are important information that allows you to plan construction according to the art. The next visit should take place after obtaining a construction project to determine the location of the building on a given plot area. During it, exactly the boundaries are delineated in which area the building is to be built. This type of situation and altitude map is an indispensable document that must be submitted together with an application for a building permit in a given office, without it the application will be rejected or even rejected. In addition, it is also important information for the construction team itself, which reads from it information in which place it is to start work on bringing the house.

How to prepare for an appointment with a surveyor

A prepared investor is more aware of what he is to require from a surveyor, so before meeting with him it is worth preparing for it in the right way. This will definitely facilitate the work of both parties, and also save time and nerves.

The basic information to be prepared is the number of the plot on which construction works are to take place. This will allow you to determine exactly which land surveyor should work on the map. The surveyor should also accurately measure the width and length of the plot during the meeting. His tasks also include the location of the plot on the map relative to world directions. It is also worth prior to meeting the surveyor, consult with the architect and designer, what information is necessary for them on the part of the surveyor to perform his work without problems. It is also worth ensuring that the map for design purposes includes utility networks, which in the future will serve as connections to the residential building that is to be built on the plot.

During the meeting, the investor also has to take care of all formalities, such as whether the given surveyor has the appropriate permissions to perform the given work. This can be easily verified by asking for the surveyor’s license number. Only surveyors with valid permissions have the right to make any measurements and surveys on plots , which will be accepted by the given geodetic and cartographic centers.

Costs related to the work of a surveyor

Making four copies of the map for design purposes in our country depending on the location and reputation of the surveyor costs from 500 to even 1200 PLN. The whole is prepared in a period of two weeks sometimes up to a month.

Termination of cooperation

The end of cooperation with the surveyor is the moment when the building will be put into use. Then the surveyor chosen by us before the start of works should map the plot of the newly created building and all types of plumbing and energy connections. In addition, all measurements should be entered by him in the construction log and provided with the necessary stamps and signatures. In addition, the surveyor after completing the work is tasked to make inventory measurements, which takes into account everything that was in the plot during the construction works.

It is not possible to start, carry out or even finish the construction of a house without the services of a surveyor. Therefore, when looking for a good surveyor, it is worth guided not only by price, but also by its reputation. It is worth seeking advice from people who have already built a house. Perhaps they will be able to recommend a professional person who will help us go through all stages of construction unscathed and unnecessary emotions, which are a frequent visitor to construction sites.

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