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Podolog z Warszawy radzi: jak skutecznie usunąć kurzajkę?

Podologist from Warsaw advises: How to remove a wart?

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Podologist from Warsaw advises: How to remove a wart? Wart – a wart that is caused by the human papillomavirus HPV. It can be infected in many public places: at the swimming pool, sauna, jacuzzi, but it is most often transmitted by direct contact with the skin of a sick person. What does the wart look like? How to treat it and get rid of the virus effectively? Can you remove it at home? Using the knowledge of podologists, we answer all questions bothering our readers.

Wart – unwanted guest of hands and feet

A lumpy and rough wart appears imperceptibly. At first, it is not associated with pain, so an infected person often does not even notice the uninvited guest. Meanwhile, the virus is spreading and may attack the skin in other places, exacerbating the problem. Getting rid of change is inevitable if we don’t want to fight many unsightly changes.

People who suffer from hyperhidrosis of the feet or have reduced immunity (e.g. pregnant women) are exposed to warts. It is worth preventing changes by using properly selected footwear and taking care of hygiene, but we will never be absolutely sure that the change will not occur.

Removal of warts at a podologist

Many people ask themselves: how does a podologist remove a wart? The procedure in the podiatry office should take place as soon as possible after detecting the change. Do not delay – the spread of the virus will cause more changes and untreated warts will be painful. Curing them quickly can pay off. In podology offices, cryotherapy (freezing), mechanical or laser removal are popular methods. During the procedure, the podologist must maintain maximum hygiene standards – the virus can spread after resection of the lesion.

After the procedure, the specialist cleans the place, and then he can recommend using exfoliating and disinfecting agents. It is important to follow the advice of the podologist: he will probably recommend the selection of appropriate preparations that inhibit the spread of warts. After healing, you can proceed to other care activities, which are to care and decorate the feet.

Removing warts at home

Many people – out of savings or lack of time – try to get rid of warts by themselves. Chiropodists wring their hands at the news of scissors-cut changes or experiments with home methods. If you want to stay healthy, don’t use home methods. You are at risk of infection, spreading the virus and creating unsightly scars. If the wart appeared, for example, during the trip, you can try to stop its development with gentle pharmacy preparations.

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