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Sesje zdjęciowe - jak fotograf powinien się do nich przygotować?

Photo sessions – how should a photographer prepare for them?

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Photo sessions – how should a photographer prepare for them? The photographer’s task is to create beautiful works of art. Thanks to them, customers will cultivate memories throughout their lives.

Let’s create a photo session that our customers will not forget so soon. Let’s take care of impressions that can not be forgotten. Thanks to this, they will recommend us to their friends and family.

The great customer experience can effectively distinguish us from other photographers who create beautiful works of art. Often, these are small details that customers will refer to.

Tips before the photo session

The first time we receive a message, an email from a customer, let’s start looking for small details that we can include in the response. In this way we improve your workflow. It’s not worth creating template responses, but tailoring them to a given customer.

If the Bride remembers the place where they are to get married, let us include this in our answer. Let’s also send a sample gallery from the place, if we have it. Small details inform from the beginning that they are not just our next customers.


When the client arrives, make sure you welcome him warmly. Let’s try to arrive early and set up the equipment. Let’s be ready to go before the client arrives. Thanks to this we will focus on the client and not on the equipment.

Talking to clients during the session will allow them to relax. We don’t have to be extroverts or party kings to loosen up customers. Even introverted photographers can have great customer interactions. The key to success is to prepare conversation points in advance. Then we don’t have to look for things we can talk about.

Let’s engage customers in the conversation and give helpful tips to ease the customer’s nerves. Then the photo sessions will be of the highest quality. Let’s be involved.

Helpful Tips

If we do not photograph professional models, it is very likely that our client will feel nervous and awkward in front of the camera. Let’s make sure we give him enough customers to ease his nerves. Usually, good photographers model clients’ poses and facial expressions. Then they will know what to look like. This will make them feel less awkward because they will know what to do. They will not look strange either.

We encourage customers to positive reinforcement. Let’s talk to them as much as possible, so they do not wonder if they look good. Let’s tell them ourselves that they look great and behave great. Let us strengthen their confidence thanks to true kindness.

Let’s be confident and give clear instructions. If our voice sounds uncertain, when we give directions, customers will notice hesitation. They won’t trust their photographer either.

Let’s express our thoughts clearly. Most of our clients are not professional models. If we give them vague instructions, they’ll probably be completely confused. Let’s show them what to do.

The best compliment we can get at the end of the session is when we hear from the client that he had a great time.


Every customer wants to feel appreciated and know how much time he spent with the photographer. After each session, we can send a thank you email. We can write that we had a great time with him and you appreciate his commitment.

We can also quickly edit one or two of our favorite photos and publish, with the consent of the client, on our profile in social media, within 24 hours. This gives immediate customer satisfaction and allows you to benefit from emotions. Most customers will show off photos or inform their family and friends about them. This is the easiest marketing.

The presentation

There are currently several different methods for delivering photos. Some photographers offer a digital gallery, others photo albums. Regardless of the business model, it is important to make sure that photos are delivered in a way that not only suits our brand, but also helps to differentiate the company.

Further contact with the customer

This is one of the most important parts of establishing a good customer relationship. When the time of cooperation comes to an end, let’s make sure that it doesn’t feel forgotten. We certainly don’t want our clients to forget about us.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to wait a few weeks after delivering the pictures and send them a thank you and / or a gift. Handwritten notes and small thanks will make customers feel that we care about them.

You can also follow your ex-client’s birthdays and anniversaries on Facebook and congratulate you. Often the photographer and clients follow each other on social media. We may comment on their photos from time to time and keep in touch. If we are constantly present, they will not forget us. If someone asks them about a good photographer, they will immediately remember us.

Caring for clients with clients

Creating positive customer experience does not happen overnight. It takes time to design a workflow and a system that suits us and our company. Remember that no customer is the same and you should be flexible and open.

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