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Are you looking for a phone case that combines unusual design with functionality? MIRROR CASE MIRROR case is a position for fans of modern aesthetics. TPU Mirror overlays with a mirror layer are extremely flexible, lightweight covers that will protect your phone from scratches and mechanical damage, while giving it a modern feel.



Are you looking for a thin phone case that is not noticeable? Case “ultra slim” is created for you. It will satisfy customers who value delicate and strong silicone covers for smartphones. Our case is only 0.3 mm and perfectly shaped for a specific phone model, without distorting its original form.

JELLY MERCURY phone case

Do you want to make using your phone a pure pleasure? The JELLY MERCURY silicone phone case is the perfect choice for anyone who values ​​the soft, velvet texture of the case while maintaining the security of the phone. The case has gained popularity due to the unique tactile experience and interesting form. The thermoset polyurethane from which our Jelly Case is made is flexible and strong, it does not crack and will protect your smartphone from mechanical damage. Available in many different colors.


Do you lead an active life? Do you carry the phone with you every day? Think about securing it properly. We offer the strongest armored case on the market, thanks to which your phone will remain safe regardless of your lifestyle. Structures reinforced at the corners, strong, resilient materials and comfort, all at affordable prices and modern design. This phone case will not let you down in any situation.


Do you want to emphasize the appearance of your phone in an unobtrusive way? For people who love the elegant, timeless design of accessories, we have prepared a silicone phone case “Silicon Luxury Case”. Made of transparent silicone material and finished with a chrome frame, the smartphone case will emphasize your style and protect your phone from damage. Thanks to the diverse range of colors, everyone will find a model corresponding to this unique case. Luxury Case is a nobility among phone cases,


Say goodbye to boring accessories and stand out from the crowd thanks to the shimmering phone case ! Our glitter phone case will change your smartphone. The glossy insert goes well with the chrome metal frame, which not only looks great, but also protects the phone from damage and scratches. The perfect gift idea for people who value non-standard and creative solutions.


A neat S-line phone case combining two types of silicone: matt and gloss. Designer pattern with a characteristic S-shaped wave and a hole presenting the model’s logo. On the sides there are non-slip elements that will make using your smartphone more convenient. The model perfectly protects against mechanical damage and falling. Available in black, white, gray and the color of juicy raspberry.


Luxury silicone phone case for romantic souls and lovers of classic elegance. Floral patterns decorated with cubic zirconia will emphasize your style and individuality, while a strong case and chrome frame will protect your phone from falling and damage. Choose your case from the wide range of themes and colors that we have prepared for you.


Ombre case is a trend that won the hearts of smartphone users. Ombre silicone case is a interpenetrating color and characteristic shading with simultaneous transparency of the cover provides a great look and works as a fashionable accessory. Available in various color ranges. Durable TPU silicone, from which our smartphone covers are made, works in all conditions and effectively protects the phone against shocks and scratches


The modern, strong-looking NEO HYBRID case is no accident. The case is made of polycarbonate and TPU silicone, which ensures very good adhesion to the smartphone, enhanced protection against its fall and mechanical damage. Perfect for people who want to have a guarantee of perfect security of their phone. The border available in a variety of colors emphasizes the modern style of the case and gives it lightness.


Get a universal phone case and secure the corners of your phone against falling. The universal case from our offer fits every 3.5 “- 5.5” phone and can be used alone or as a reinforcement for a classic case. Funny designs and unique form will certainly appeal to young mobile phone users.


A silicone, matt phone case will please lovers of minimalist solutions and simple design. Our silicone matt phone case is made of thin silicone, ensuring the delicate, light look of the smartphone while protecting against dirt and damage. Pleasant to the touch, matte texture is easy to clean and is difficult to scratch.

SUMMARY: protective films for phones and phone cases will be more and more popular because the prices of smartphones are growing at a dizzying pace and we want to protect them.

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