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Projektowanie wnętrz – z czy bez architekta?

Interior design – with or without an architect?

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Interior design – with or without an architect? Creating the perfect apartment for yourself is a big challenge, especially if you do not belong to people familiar with the ways of combining colors, choosing materials or correct placement of light sources. It is even worse when we realize that we do not really know what we expect and in what style we feel best. In such situations, getting professional help may be a good option. What can we expect from an interior designer? When is it most needed? Is the interior architect a decorator?

Interior design is a difficult task because it requires a lot of knowledge and great organization of work. A good architect will first hear our suggestions, and then sticking to the financial indicators we have presented, will choose the best option for us, so that the space is functional, consistent with our lifestyle and suits our tastes. In addition, thanks to experience and knowledge, the architect can present unobvious, unusual and universal solutions so that the apartment does not lose its charm even in ten years. It is also worth mentioning that apartments furnished by an architect usually have a higher market value, so it may turn out to be a good investment for the future.

One of the main advantages of employing an interior architect is budget control. The architect is well versed in the prices of individual elements that will be used to create space, additionally indicating which materials have cheaper substitutes, and on which we can not save. Sometimes an architect may also provide a list of reliable suppliers or teams with whom he works and can be sure that they will perform the project well prepared by him. This will save us a lot of time and nerves.

When we design rooms ourselves, we need to take care of the materials, crew and proper cooperation with other companies, e.g. kitchen furniture. If we are not good with detailed calculations, it may turn out that we order undersized furniture or, worse, a large bathtub that will not fit into the room. We also need to pay special attention to ventilators, electrical and water installations. Any mistake can cost us a lot and will significantly extend the renovation. With an architect, we don’t have to worry about that.

  • Interior architect and decorator

Very often the profession of interior designer is confused with the profession of decorator. Contrary to appearances, these are completely different areas of space management. An interior architect is a person who, as a rule, works in empty rooms, sometimes even without partitions. Its task is to lay out individual elements, select wallpapers, floor panels, lighting, and the entire installation plan. Often, the interior architect is also responsible for overseeing the renovation team and material suppliers. In contrast, the decorator has a much more limited range of functions. He deals with the last stage of the arrangement, i.e. decorations, accessories, materials for curtains, the selection of furniture, etc.

An interior designer should have a diploma and finish a relevant field of study at the Academy of Fine Arts. However, the decorator does not need to have any specialized education. All he needs is knowledge of the interior design market and a sense of knowledge acquired in the field of decoration.

If you are planning to renovate an apartment or just bought a new one, we would rather ask for help from an interior designer. However, if we just want to refresh our apartment, replace some furniture and choose the right decorations, then we will direct our steps to the interior decorator.

      • When do we not need an interior designer?

If we feel strong and are creative people who have good taste, then an interior architect may not be needed. Spatial imagination plays a key role. If we have it, it will be much easier for us to create our own project that will meet our expectations.

Independent interior design will work when our apartment has a predetermined layout and we do not need to divide it ourselves (in the case where there are no partitions, the employment of an architect is definitely a better option).

An interior designer may prove to be unnecessary if we have already carried out several renovations and are well versed in the matter of material suppliers, the selection of the best ones and we know a good renovation team with whom we get along well.

It is worth noting that independent interior design is a time-consuming task, so we need a lot of time for it, so if we can also afford it, then the architect may not be needed. The financial issue is not without significance. If you do not have too much money to carry out renovation, it may be better to invest in good quality materials than a professional interior design.

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