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Marketing na Instagramie

Instagram marketing

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Marketing has mastered the modern world one hundred percent. We deal with it at virtually every step. We make purchases every day, make exchanges, encourage friends to buy products or services that we liked, we look for information about products from other people. Traces of marketing can be found at the beginning of human existence, where people, just like now, had the need to meet their needs with specific goods.

Marketing is now present everywhere, including the internet or social media portals. Is a subject taught in college or studied individually by entrepreneurs in order to increase their revenues. No wonder then that instagram marketing is becoming more and more popular. For people who do not have instagram or just starting their adventure with this portal, it is worth noting that this is a social networking site used to publish photos. It can be compared to Facebook, however on Instagram we will not publish the link or post in the form of a description. Instead, we have pictures, descriptions under pictures and hashtags.

We have friends on instagram, we can send them messages. For one person, Instagram is a place of a kind of diary, on which we upload photos from various situations of our lives, and for others it has become a way to make money. There is no wonder, because instagram marketing is developing very well, although few people know about it. The highest profits can be counted on by people who have the largest number of “followers”, i.e. observers. How to become a person who is watched by thousands, a dozen or several hundred thousand people? It is definitely not a simple matter, but first of all you need to have interesting content to offer to other people.

People must want to watch us and spend time on our profile. Many books, guides and e-books have been created about how to be fashionable on instagram. Let’s assume the version that we have recipients on our instagram who are interested in our services. This is a very big success. Now it’s time to act. So what does instagram marketing look like? The beginnings are difficult and often rely on barter exchange – for example, we receive a product from someone that interests us, we use it, and then we talk about it on our profile and urge our observers to buy it. Simple? Of course! Barter exchange is a way not only to earn or get products for free, but also to expand our group of observers, which will certainly bear fruit in the future. Therefore, it is worth maintaining contacts and good relations with other instagram users.

ow else to run Instagram marketing? We can promote our products and services using photos, descriptions or instastory (i.e. stories about them). In this case, our task is to encourage observers to buy goods. We can post on our instagram reviews of people who used our products, their photos. We must also remember the hashtags mentioned earlier (there should be about ten markers under each photo. The more accurate our hashtags, the better. It would be good under each photo in which we recommend our product, for example, add the same hashtag (for example, with the name of our Thanks to this, observers will start to associate us.

There is a list of the most desirable hashtags and it is worth to familiarize with it, for example: #poland, #all everything, #jestem, #warszawa, #love, #beautiful, #style, # nature, #nofilter or #followforfollow. Instagram marketing is primarily photos, because the whole portal is based on them. Let’s not forget to publish photos of the best quality, color-coordinated, clear, thematic. Frequency is also important he keeps the recipients with us. Once we have a specific number of recipients on our profile, it is worth examining their preferences and thinking about how to improve our services and adapt them to the target group.

Recently, the portal has introduced interesting tools to facilitate marketing on Instagram. These are, for example, surveys, so we can easily find out what our potential customers need. Instagram very often has an auxiliary function. For example, we have a store, Facebook page and additionally Instagram. All these things support our sales and contribute to greater profits. If we want to be recognizable, let’s not just rely on instagram marketing.

Let it be our support tool that we care for, but not the only place of marketing. Finally, it is worth mentioning that for our activities to have specific effects, we must take care of both our profile and our recipients. Let’s respond to messages, meet our clients, give them a reason to trust us. This is the basis of every marketing, not just network marketing. At the end, there is nothing else to add that it is worth looking into the literature on the topic, which is more and more on the market, and wish you successful marketing on Instagram.

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