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Baby clothes – how to distinguish them, what should they be made of and where to buy so as not to spend a fortune?

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Baby clothes – how to distinguish them, what should they be made of and where to buy so as not to spend a fortune? Many women at a certain age get ready for one of the most important roles in their lives – being a mother. This role requires many qualities from a woman that cannot be seen before delivery. Mom must be patient, caring, responsible, economical, prudent and many others. But before this happens, the expectant mother has to make many important decisions, including the issue of dressing the child’s birth. Beginner mothers often don’t know what to put on babies instead of a regular T-shirt or pants, what materials should these clothes be made of and where to look for them.

Types of clothes for babies

The dressing room for a small child is more extensive than for an average woman. There are all kinds of baby clothes in it, some of them have an intriguing look and an interesting name. But how do you get them?

Most often, the child dresses the body. It is such a clothes for an infant, without which no toddler can do. The name comes from English, body means body, and this type of baby clothes covers the entire body. The body is fastened in the crotch, may have a long or short sleeve. There are sometimes body with braces. Kaftaniki is another upper part of the wardrobe, which, although not associated best, is often very useful, mainly in winter. Such a jacket can be safely put on a baby’s short-sleeved body. Certainly not cold.

One of the most important clothes in a baby’s wardrobe is a clown. The name is very adequate, because the puppet has sleeves and legs with built-in feet. Most often it serves as a pajamas, it is very comfortable to wear, and even a novice mom does not have much trouble wearing this baby clothes. However, it is worth noting that the clown is unzipped along the entire length, and not put on over the head, because dressing such a clown can be one big failure. Ramps perform a similar function to the clown. Where this name came from, no one knows, but it is a kind of body, also fastened in step, with shorts added. This combination creates a clothes called rampers, which are perfect for warm summer days and nights.

Rompers are well-known in Poland, although they are already forgotten. Pants with built-in feet that only end on the child’s shoulders, most often fastened with braces. This is not a very convenient solution for the child or the mother dressing them.

On the list of clothes for babies ( girls and boys ) there must be shorts and sleeper pants. How do shorts or pants look, everyone knows, but what are half pants? Simply put, these are pants with closed feet. This is an interesting solution that completely eliminates the use of socks.

The best materials for baby clothes

Baby clothes are not an easy topic. A multitude of types is not everything. Important, when choosing the best option for a child, are also the materials from which these clothes were sewn. A small child does not yet have accurate thermoregulation, he often sweats, moves a lot, so it is important that the material is light, airy and fully natural. In addition, the skin of a small child is extremely delicate, there is no protective barrier, so artificial materials are not an option. Unfortunately, this does not always go hand in hand with the price.

The most popular material from which baby clothes are sewn is cotton. Clothes for babies that have been sewn from cotton are very soft, comfortable, pleasant to touch and also airy. Cotton is a material that does not restrict the child’s movements, a very good choice is also cotton bedding for the cot. Cotton has its even better variety – organic cotton, which is already more expensive. Organic cotton is otherwise organic cotton, which is grown without artificial or chemical means.

Linen has long been a known natural material. Baby clothes made of it are incredibly airy, which is important mainly in the summer. Flax is also characterized by antibacterial activity and long durability compared to other materials.

Muslin is another material that is used to produce clothes for babies. It is woven of cotton, wool and silk, and thanks to a special way of weaving, it is perfectly breathable and thus does not allow the child to overheat.

Baby clothes – where to buy?

Baby clothes can be bought virtually anywhere – from online stores, stationary stores, supermarkets or market stalls. Not all mothers have a comfortable financial situation that would allow them to spend huge sums of money on clothes for their children. For those whose life is not pampered, every zloty that can be saved is important. Sometimes, however, it is worth putting something away to be able to buy your child some better clothes that will last a long time, won’t hurt, will look nice, and the child will be comfortable and airy.

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