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Starzenie się tatuażu

Aging tattoo

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Aging tattoo – Ever wonder how tattoos will look in 10,20,30 or 40 years from now? They age, like the rest of our body. However, there are ways to make tattoos permanent.

Factors affecting the durability of the tattoo

If you want to make a long-lasting tattoo, pay attention to the quality of the ink. It is extremely important to find a professional and experienced tattoo artist. He will make a tattoo that will look great from the day it is made until his death. This does not mean that he will not need a patch from time to time if we want him to look great all the time. Even the most experienced tattoo artist cannot magically eliminate problems such as fading as a result of sun exposure and cell regeneration. The first can still be prevented, but the second is a fact.

Every day, thousands of cells in our body die, and they are replaced by new and fresh ones. On the surface of the skin, called the epidermis, the cells die and disappear quickly. Fortunately, tattoo ink is not injected into the epidermis. It penetrates further into the second layer of skin, called the dermis. Of course, if you used the services of a professional tattoo artist. A beginner can make the mistake of not injecting ink deep into the skin. In this case, the tattoo can quickly disappear.

Over time, the tattoo will fade. That’s why it’s worth refreshing every now and then.

If you protect the tattoo from the sun, you have full control. It is strongly recommended that you avoid sun exposure immediately after getting a tattoo. First of all, avoid sunbathing for 2-4 weeks while healing the skin. Remember also about proper sun protection. Apply sunscreen with a high SPF. This way you can protect yourself against harmful UV radiation.

Tattoo placement

With age, some parts of the body are more susceptible to resizing than others. For example, many men may have a larger stomach and shoulders after some time. In contrast, in women, extra kilos can accumulate on the breasts, buttocks, thighs and stomach. Of course, you can gain weight anywhere, but those places must be taken into account first. Remember this when you want to make a tattoo.

Many women think that the tattoo on the breasts or hips looks sexy. They should avoid getting a tattoo on the stomach. It will not look sexy, especially after delivery. The safest will be the neck, upper chest, forearms, fingers, back, calves, ankles and feet. These areas are the most resistant to stretching, even when you gain weight.

For men, the neck, forearms, hands, chest, back, legs and feet are relatively safe areas. However, if you are lifting weights, avoid getting a tattoo on your chest, arms and legs.

One area that both men and women should avoid is the lower arm. Apart from the fact that it is an extremely painful place to tattoo, it can flabby with age.

Finally, remember to avoid tattoos in areas where regular friction occurs. In other words, avoid tattoos between the fingers and toes, in the bends of the elbows, under the arms and knees and between the thighs. Regardless of age, the care of tattoos in such places will be extremely difficult. You will have to reckon with multiple corrections.

Cover tattoos

The best way to mask your current tattoo depends on several factors. First of all, you need to pay attention to the colors in the original tattoo and how old it is / faded. You also need to pay attention to what the current tattoo represents and whether any other features can be,

A professional tattoo artist can cover an old black tattoo. However, this is not easy. Must skilfully mix and shade. He should pay attention to details and depth of colors. Therefore, take the time to find a professional who specializes in cover tattoos.

You need to choose the right design and consider modifications that will completely cover the old tattoo. The more complex the tattoo in terms of details and rich shading that you want to hide, the deeper and more durable the new tattoo must be. Deep purple, blue, green and other dark, cool colors with lots of black shading best cover the old tattoo, especially when the original design was dark. Therefore, warmer colors are less effective at covering an old tattoo.

The new design must be larger than the old tattoo. The shape of the new pattern and the way it is tilted compared to the previous one will play an important role. Do not be surprised if the tattoo artist suggests that the new design should be twice as large as the original.

A professional may also suggest several laser tattoo removal sessions before covering it with a new one. It depends on the age of the old tattoo and how dark the ink colors are in the original design. Pay attention to the complexity of the design.

Get ready for 1-3 correction sessions after doing a new tattoo.

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