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Nowa era szczecińskich nieruchomości

A new era of Szczecin real estate

Ostania aktualizacja 7 March 2023

A new era of Szczecin real estate. The real estate market is experiencing a “hot” period not only in Szczecin but throughout Poland. Szczecin in terms of size and popularity is certainly not as high as the top, i.e. cities such as Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow. However, a significant upheaval occurred within its market structure. Investing in real estate has become very popular.

All thanks to the new real estate ad site Goodadres, which responds to price increases on ad portals that have previously had a monopoly on the market. Szczecin offices associated in the West Pomeranian Association of Real Estate Agents have initiated the creation of a new advertising platform, adapted to local conditions. From the very beginning of its activity, the portal has enjoyed great interest. Currently, it is the largest place for real estate ads in the entire West Pomeranian Voivodeship. It also clearly indicates its advantage over the competition in the largest cities of this region – Szczecin, Koszalin and Stargard.

Real estate offices belonging to ZSPON joined the membership in DobryAdres, as well as completely independent regional real estate offices. The list of partners, i.e. offices delivering ads to the site, is still open. At the beginning of April, the number of partner real estate offices exceeded one hundred and delivered over 20.5 thousand to the site. ads.

The portal on the buyers’ side allows you to view real estate sale and rental offers. On the site you can find offers of houses, plots, flats, premises and objects broken down by: offers and a specific real estate office. In addition, users looking for an apartment can find useful information related to the subject of real estate trading – all in the form of a Guidebook made by experienced Partners of the initiative.

GoodAdres activities can be observed on social media channels – on Facebook – fanpage and personalized to the cities of the group and on Instagram, where it maintains constant contact with users. In less than a week, the fanpage gained nearly 600 likes, and currently the number of fans is over 1,000 users. In the first week of operation, the portal was visited by over 10,000 unique users. A substantial record of visits fell 2 weeks after the start and amounted to over 3000 unique users. The website is clearly visible under the phrases ” Szczecin flat ” or ” Koszalin flat “, which gives it a lot of viewershi

Undoubtedly, Good Address hit the niche of the internal real estate market, which has survived for several years, where the largest portals successively increased the amounts for placing individual rental and sale ads. The breakthrough came in February 2018, when rates rose sharply. Some real estate offices from all over Poland withdrew from using the sites of monopolists, but in the long run this decision would not allow them to survive.

Szczecin real estate offices, in order to avoid choosing between reducing the range of ads and paying very high amounts for placing their offers, decided to opt for its own solution by creating a regional portal conducive to maintaining high range of ads, as well as being friendly to people looking for apartments, houses and premises for sale or rent. In conclusion, after the interest of users and local real estate offices, the idea turned out to be a hit – customers buy apartments at attractive, lower for advertising costs, and offices are happy to solve the problem of high prices presenting their offers.

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